Warrior Lineage

Guess what ; - after 3,000 years of documented fighting & warriors from my Asian side. We wanted a peaceful change from the fighting for 3,000 years. There is a book. You can read about the Kikuchi Clan in Japan also at Wikipedia.
     In Short;- We traded Horses, Guns, Fish from the Kuril islands, through Siberia & China, and protected the northern border of Japan for millennia.

Though my father was not a typical abuser, the addition of his friends & family, as well as exposure to the men in the US armed forces has been an ugly experience;- in total can be ranked with Guantanamo treatment. Aside from 1st world USA population in violation of my basic Human rights under to the UN;- putting me through daily coporal punishment, school abuse, Repeated Institutional sexual assault at Ithaca College under JJ Whalen's Presidency and more backlash from Feds with anti-Japanese sentiment. Only to be followed up by the US Navy and the Marine Corps. Most recently USMC off-duty partaking in form of religious torture.

Destroyed  work I was doing, hacked my email, and been relentless at creating war from within with Japan. The maturity level from men & women in the USA  is juvenile. And when is the USA going to learn Illuminati is NORTH AMERICAN and not based out of Asia? 

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