Water Soluble Diet 31years

I have been steering away from regular food for at least 12-13 years on my own. I get sick, inflammation, and chemically/allergy more sensitive after only 6 weeks of eating 1 meal a day with 1-2 tortilla or grain based food. Fruit sadly, carries more mold spores that initially caused my sickness. So, I eat very little fruit.

This refined shojin ryori/ vegan/ water soluble Diet came about with the Assistance of a very knowledgeable Nutritionist/ Homeopath who switched me to Veggies only.
It should not include much Fruit or Grain. This includes my supplements. I'm also an A+ .

Past 2 years- since Spring 2014- Typical day though things vary if I get bored with my nutrition plan.
It put a damper on my social life.

My favorite shake/smoothie Treat:
1 packet mint Green2o
1 Tbsp Organic Cacao Powder
16oz Coconut water or almond milk - sometimes use only water

Small salad - Organic beet, carrot, 2 olives, 2-3 cherry tomato,
sunflower sprouts, 1/2-1 small fresh avocado, Olive Oil, Nutritional yeast.
1scoop ProPeas pea protein (in coffee or coconut water)
12 oz. Coffee

Throughout the Day;-
5 packets Green2o supplement a day.
3Liters /1 gallon plain H20
1 packet almonds/cashews
Cacao Powder- for coffee
Lemon for H20
1/2 Avocado with Sunflower seeds or Pumpkin seeds & Natural sea salt
3-5 Udo's Capsule Omega Oils - I don't like taking these oils, makes me sick to my stomach so I frequently sub them out for more expensive avocado/ nuts / fresh coconut to keep my heart from failure.

Past year- Large side of Steamed Veggies
1-2 scoops ProPeas pea protein

Things I interchange;- 1x-2x per week on a cycle every couple weeks.
12- 16oz Green Juice with fresh turmeric (I add black pepper EO)- centrifugal juicer
16-20 oz - Beet Juice or Mixed with Greens - no wheat grass.
1 bowl or Large side Panda Express Mixed Veggies - add Eggplant Tofu sometimes Chow mein.
1 Dark Chocolate bar with cacao nibs/ mocha- coffee flavoured.
Celery with or without Almond/ Sunflower butter

I also like to drink/eat my "Treats" are infrequent:
1- 12oz Yuzu citron Tea
1- Phiten Gold Water - red bottle
Thai Coconut ginger Veggie Soup or Thom Kha veggie soup
1 Bagel
1 Vegan Donut made from Oat Flour
1 French Fries
1 bowl Home fries with peppers
1 drink- aka Beer or Shot with Club Soda back.
(mixed drinks with Juice- or Beer with heavy Hops= Hives)
1 Can Bean based Chili/soup]
1 Vegan Pizza slice

My other Supplements:
Vegan Charcoal - when I eat fried foods or drink alcohol/ eat pizza
Vegan Magnesium - when I go to float tank - usually take with Gold Water

Today- March 17, 2016 I purchased different Chlorophyllin supplements due to taste bud boredom.
Had a conversation that was about how "evolved" my diet is and that not many people can sustain themselves this way. The next step is moving to a "light" based diet and no "food".