October 2011, I  decided to attend the 2011 APEC/ABAC SME symposium open to the public in Honolulu, Hawaii set for November 10, 2011 at 8:30AM Hawaii time till 5PM.

In the 2011 APEC USA email I received prior to registration, this website was listed:


Through some of the meetings I attended online about international human rights, I was able to convey my experience of being at close range to a US military firing squad. And, sent an email to Mr. Nils Melzer.  I made this letter public and had not considered reporting it to local Honolulu police prior to this year since I had a federal agent DS/DOE/US ARMY who had tried to save my life. People outside those who know my Japanese relation did not need to know anything more about my private life than what I was told to do to survive in Hawaii. 

I wrote to HPD, and received no response of making a report about the APEC Firing Squad incident. HPD did not respond. The shock of what I faced coupled with numerous other issues leading up to the APEC trade summit, was enough to silence me and keep most of the experience to myself for several years. I was unaware that it was and is a form of torture until 2022 to be put in front of a firing squad at all. And because of language issues with USA State Actors, I felt they would contort my report of the firing squad positioned on the Kai side (ocean side) of the Trump in Waikiki. It had not occurred to me that I had any rights to object to the ill treatment due to the extensive handling and torture leading up to the APEC trade summit.

US State Actors and their supporters know that I'm the niece and grandaughter to foreign officials in Japan. And specifically those foreign officials who are founding family at Japan's Takenaka Corporation, a private construction firm involved in building infrastructure and international projects, as well as Steel procurement and negotiations for Japan against China's threat of war. I have had a life full of deliberate persecution by USA state actors from the time I was born. And thus also report normal torture today as the unfolding of the legal language of being used as a hostage for USA racketeering purposes related to RICO ACT violations that happened repeatedly with impunity.