USA Legalities

I have a caucasian name and appear to be "something less than caucasian-European". 
My father was Air Force OSI (Office of Special Investigations) and I was named according to US Government advice given to him in the late 1960's. I have been accused by NGO companies and banking industry as carrying false ID, when it is my genuine USA documentation issued by the State & Federal government(s).

The biggest obstacles that exist for me as a life-time civilian, Japanese-American born to a Japanese National (jus-sanguis), without significant US support at all local, state, and federal levels are contained within the following International policies:
  1. The Foreign Agents Act
  2. The Patriot Act (& revisions)
  3. The Vienna Convention
There is no "homogenized" view of these US laws within all levels of US law enforcement. And, the various levels and agents of US law enforcement have use of "their own discretion" which may or may not be personally biased at any time. This has concurrently never lead to a "beneficial" decision for me in my lifetime to date.

This has in the past (particularly on the Mainland in New York and Pennsylvania since 9-11) resulted in excessive numbers of local police following and harassing me per instance. Other US citizens with racist tendencies who claim to follow harass and threaten me as contractors of Feds, Federal Agents, or other domestic race/national patriot terrorist organizations.
Recently, it has lead to civil court matters in Hawaii involving US Army, Military Intelligence

I have been informed of such revisions to the Patriot Act through international lawyer(s) due to my Japanese relation. I make this public in hopes to end the discrimination that I have faced for more than the past 8 years, since 2004, intensely. This has made me more undesirable for companies to hire, aside from my application to such companies engaging an onslaught of false accusations and slander that I am of some "international terrorist organization" because

In 2003-04 a complaint arose from some jus-sanguis members of my Japanese family. The complaint being that I was discriminated against and treated unjustly by the US government at all levels, forcing me to accept my USA citizenship rather than having a choice of Nationality and freedom of leaving the USA at such time.