JAPAN & WAR&USA My Family Relation in Japan

I am Issei 。I am 1st Generation Japanese born in the USA. I was born with DUALCitizenship
In the USA:My brother is DECEASED 2005、My sister is DECEASED1970, My mother is USA naturalized & disabled. My Father does not act with good intentions towards me most of the time. I do not have  other living relatives in the United States who do not intend to harm me.

My Ojiisan who gave permission from Akita & in Govt.  is deceased

I have 150+ living relatives
Below are my most immediate family members who can verify**, or restore my Citizenship in Japan 。 The USA has taken malicious legal actions & foreign policy against me since birth as;
外国生まれの日本人, gaikoku umare no nihonjin

Accept confirmation of my deceased body.

Obaasan: 菊地、なつ Japanese Living National  Treasure: Haiku, Ikebana, Tea Ceremony
重要無形文化財保持者, Jūyō Mukei Bunkazai Hojisha

**Obasan/ Aunt:  竹中、じゅん子 - Famous Okoto (Japanese Harp) instructor
Ojisan/ Uncle: 竹中、よしとも - Retired Executive & Founding Family of the Takenaka Corporation, JP.

Ojisan/ Uncle: 菊地、かずお  - 秋田県Akita Prefecture Government Lands & Movie permits office
Other Obasan/ Aunt: 菊地、あきこ

Cousins: 菊地、だいすけ -菊地、しんこ

USA: Please read nationality requirements at the Japanese Consular or Japanese Embassy website in ENGLISH.

  • At this time I have been attacked severely, since August 2017 ( 8/2017) with ILLEGAL Psychotronic, Scalar, & other covert remote technology weapons.
  • My AT&T phone has been unreliable & locked me out of email for 16weeks in 2014, phone calls do not go through to my mother frequently, and the phone buzzes on even after I remove the battery. Hawaii's local service provider offices are logistically time consuming to visit each day I have a phone issue. My total  phone bills for 3-4years are appx. 9k-11k USD.

  • There are too many Asian & Asian descent Deep State criminals & やくざ in Hawaii who gangstalk me.This makes me a Targeted Individual in Hawaii State.  

  • US Army- Green Beret
  • DOE Department of Education
  • DOD Department of Defense
  • U.S. NAVY - Nuclear Engineer, Navy Seal Trainer & Ninjitsu instructor
  • U.S.M.C.  

Some had access to sensitive information about my family relation prior to my landing at the Honolulu International Airport in 2009 for the 1st time I came to Hawaii.
Since 2009, I am  the victim of weekly & daily International & US Federal crimes in the state of Hawaii.

Since USA  intentionally harms me in multiple ways; and by FISA & other Intelligence matters over my life;-

My American Father (ex USAF OSI)  was instructed by USA government to harm my relationship with my Japanese  family despite my being born a dual citizen of USA & JAPAN. He has executed his instructions as taking all communications from Japan, by phone and with my mother in the home away since I was able to talk age 5-6. By age 10 I was forced to stop speaking Japanese by the USA elementary school. I was beaten for mentioning Japan, and nearly murdered by the Christian Pastor who baptized me by the time I was 12 years old.

Also, as an Adult,  many Americans claim that I am posing with a false Identity because I carry my father's Surname from the Isle of Mann. Additionally the Americans berate me because there are few Japanese in the USA and my parents gave me an Anglo-Saxon first name and middle name.
I have been harmed because the USA intended to damage my family relation in a clandestine operation. This include;
  1. residents of Honolulu County who have verbally threatened my life over the past 8years.
  2. Honolulu Police Department officers who assist the perpetrators of crimes against me.

I have also been accused of being a terrorist posing as a white woman due to my naming at birth
I have few if any genuine friends in the USA due to the Traditional Culture