Dream Yoga

This page is a new project dedicated to my humble explorations in 'dream yoga'.

Due to the pervasive nature of technology affecting mind states for dreams, training, and daily life;- I am making a small portion of basics knowledge related to Dream Yoga available here. However, there are other meditations that use similar techniques to the techniques used in Buddhist Bardo dream yoga.

For those who have some questions or interest in Dream Yoga,  I am an independent practitioner since childhood. My Japanese roots are in Shinto and Buddhism, with the Namahage (protector of the Buddha) tradition in my family relation in Japan and cultural heritage. And, my trips to Japan since childhood always took me to our family shrines and Ancient UNESCO temples. My college years, I was constantly told to go to the Tibetan monastery in Ithaca, NY for dream work. Though, I studied on my own independently and unsupervised due to my activism at the time. After decades of independent meditation and slowly adopting some Tibetan Buddhist practices, I gratefully received the Bardo scroll readings from a small monastery of the Kagyu lineage in 2014.  I was fortunate to receive the transmission and apply the teachings to my meditation and dream work.

Bardo Dream Yoga Intro

Bardo Dream Yoga Terminology

Bardo Dream Yoga Preparation 1

Bardo Dream Yoga Preparation 2

Basic Examples of Tikle by Angela M. Kikuchi Kneale