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 All of the following pages are not legal advice and are part of the author's personal testimony. Miss Angela M. Kneale is the author of these web pages which represent a portion of her communication about crimes of humanity, torture, and other Human Rights violations as a formal complaint against US state actors. It is an extensive complaint spanning beyond her own lifetime. And, due to the expanse of violations and continued FISA Surveillance;- this page serves as a personal testimony to citizens of the world at large. 

{Exhaustion of Domestic Remedies: 1982-2020 }

{1. UDHR-  Articles Related to my Testimony

This page contains the 24 Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that Miss Angela M. Kneale cites that were violated by the United States actors against her life. }

{2. U.S. Constitutional Laws Related to my Testimony

This page contains Federal acts and laws pertaining to U.S. national security, surveillance, foreign agents, and targeting individuals outside of the USA who are not U.S. Citizens }

{3.  Aliens and Citizens Laws Related to my Testimony 

This page contains Japanese Nationality Law, US-Japan Security Agreement, USCA civil rights code, and largely references the US Laws pertaining to Aliens and Citizens for the beginning of my testimony. The "beginning" of my testimony is to differentiate the time of human rights violations between my being born to a foreign national of Japan and the inception of the 2001 Patriot Act. 

The evolution of Japanese Nationality Law as well as U.S. Laws have largely impacted my life due to single sided interpretation by U.S. state actors. And have resulted in the extenuating circumstances exploited by US state actors who committed Crimes of Humanity against my life. }

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