AAPI 2021 torture reports

Below I list 16 of over 20 reports, I made with the best of my ability at the time, through the new Department of Justice Asian American Pacific Islander hate crimes reporting portal in 2021.  I am/was denied reporting by local officials in Bucks County, PA for most of my life to present day.

In 2021, the United States Department of Justice opened an Asian hate crimes reporting portal due to elevated hate crimes and incidents throughout the USA. In September 2021, after being attacked and sabotaged and made very ill, I filed over 20 reports related to my International Torture Affidavit in progress. Many of the Hate Crimes I filed, were not taken seriously by the DOJ responses. Others were not considered crimes at all and referred to other Federal agencies. Many of the Statute of Limitations were also long gone. Yet for my international complaint, I strongly believed in trying to obtain Federal Report numbers. 

In 2022, I was able to report retaliation by some Bucks County, PA present/former officials and their network of friends, neighbors, and family.  My life is still threatened with imminent harm and weekly harassment and or sabotage. Those are considered "hate incidents" and I report some of the current harassment for statistical purposes only. In 2022, Local police also violated my personal privacy in response to my father's attempt to physically get rid of me and my mother. I was not thrown out onto the street again, as police have attacked my business and dismantled my income with local aggressors previously. Below are the report numbers I received.The police in Quakertown,PA have refused to take my reports through the pandemic in addition to extensive hate crimes against my person since I was a child and including abduction, assault, isolated torture by other local officials in Bucks County, PA.

They have been part of covering up and enabling federal crimes against my person throughout my life.

The Criminal Section Report numbers (so far 2 reports): 196075-LLM and 101868-DDH

The Education Report numbers re: sexual assault by School officials and students, and violation of my right to speak Japanese language during elementary school: 101925-VZC and 1019938-RFL  

The Disability Report number: 196372-KPJ

Other 2021 Department of Justice Report Numbers I received related to my international torture affidavit incidents and violations of my basic human rights by US State Actors, Local officials, and State officials primarily in Bucks County, PA:

Other AAPI hate crimes DOJ Reports I made in 2021:







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AAPI Hate Crimes DOJ Closed Report numbers (6):