UDHR Testimonies

I am currently working on my Human Rights Complaint to the United Nations.

I apologize for the typos, however there have been surveillance viruses that inhibited my publishing anything with 100% integrity in spelling. Surveillance viruses compromise auto-word, a function in editing that normally puts a correct spelling. Sometimes these viruses offer trigger word suggestions in the word choice row that have nothing to do with the word selection spelling. It is another form of mind control or intelligence psy op. I wrote many posts from my phone and was prevented from posting correctly even after editing multiple times. The antagonists or perpetrators of these hacks of my writing equipment intended to keep me in poverty and harm my credibility. Especially since I wrote many posts while trapped on Oahu without a safe reason to leave the island. I chose not to edit many posts as I want to retain the initial post dates.

On this page, I also include links to my experiences of MK ULTRA umbrella projects. I have taken many years to compile  a journal on sproutfuel.com about MK Ultra as part of my own healing process. I have never gone to a hypnotist to uncover lost memories trapped behind the walls of my trauma. Additionally, some of the links are possibly associated to MILABS or military abductions. I was abducted by 2 humans in my lifetime that I recall. They were both linked to intelligence in some way, even if it was illegal. Some would debate that I was abducted 4x in my life by USA men connected to Feds, IRA, criminals linked to ATF and international drug rings, or others of Prominent political stature.

The perpetrators removed hard evidence from my home in Pennsylvania including police report numbers. The perpetrators also stole my laptop hard drive, many cell phones, and other data they could during my life on Oahu over 10 years. So, the internal Sproutfuel.com search engine will produce more results of my perspectives. Some stories are redundant as I attempt to capture my memories through decades of intense traumatic events, some years filled with trauma and others a mere smudge between the most horrific I was victim to and/ or witness to under Crimes of Humanity.

Differences MK Delta to MK Ultra
Testimonies (PERSECUTION, TORTURE by USA state actors)

I have spent parts of a couple decades meeting older generations of MK Ultra survivors. This has come about when I shared my life story about how I got into animal rights movement in the USA. Particularly the day I found my beloved cat still barely alive, emaciated and with maggots filling his flesh wound from a wire snare around his neck. I was simply told, you got it too (as if MK ULTRA was/is a disease) and later the story of the 1st MK Ultra victim I met unfolded.
In my early 20's I became aware of the name of MK Ultra, what I suppose is, the testing program my mother told me about when I was in my Pre-K years. This program, that I was subject to is related to the old MK Ultra project that ended formally in 1973. That was the year before I was born. However, today in the United States, many people refer to the non-consensual testing and brainwashing and torture programs under the umbrella term 'MK ULTRA'.  This is so that I make clear, the distinction in common reference to all CIA projects versus the potential legality of addressing specific sub projects that exceed 160 in name.

The MK ULTRA program umbrella is not a conspiracy theory any longer. Many of the documents and medical and testing records that survived were declassified. There is even a Congressional report from 1977 that addresses the disclosure of classified names of the MK ULTRA researchers. I found this Congressional report that included Honorable R. Schweiker (PA), who my father asserts got my mother her US Citizenship. She stopped work making Satellite components for Ford-Philco (NASA) in Landsdale, PA with my grandmother due to exposure to  toxic black powder or a nano substance sometime from 1968-1974. My mother was, at the time a Japanese national and remained so over a decade after my birth in the USA. This is the crux, as international attorneys know, of my being an attachment to a trafficked individual. USC 50 affects intelligence surveillance and operations of the USA, NSA, or CIA and the term Sham Marriage as an op to traffick a woman from abroad into the United States as test & torture subjects. Many similar issues have been interpolated for the duration of my life by some Japanese nationals.

It is in this instance of Japan joining the United Nations that I relate my story in the United States.
The intentional violations of my Human Rights and persecution, trafficking, and questionable confiscation and use of my funds by Federal Agents to leave me in destitute for the majority of my life. I am making my testimony available online for others who want to heal themselves and are in a quest for answers. This is especially due to the time that I was taken to Venice, Florida in 1999 after I graduated from my Undergraduate degree program in Ithaca, NY. There was talk about the market overthrow and security companies taking over the world's airports for starters.
This time period was crucial as an alert to Japan that the USA did not have good intentions after the onslaught of attacks my late brother and I experienced from perpetrators in Bucks County, PA as well as; acute attacks in Doylestown, Susquehanna, Allentown, Quakertown, New Hope, Mechanicsville and Buckingham Township, Pennsylvania. In any case, we were stonewalled in any available legal opportunity. My finances were depleted from seeking safety outside of Pennsylvania.

From what I can discern, my brother was hospitalized multiple times from brutal physical attacks, being poisoned and left comatose as well as being run off the road multiple times that totalled 12 of his vehicles. Other actions involved perpetrators who attacked and strangled him with their bare hands as he attempted to get out of his vehicle. It also ended with his employer ordering my father to make sure my brother wound up dead not long after I made a whistle blowing call to the ATF. The ATF call I made directly pertained to illegal gun making my brother shared with me. Both of us experienced persecution & retaliation from the company. This employer, and the owner, was someone my father knew well from the Quakertown, PA (Richland Township) planning commission that voted to build the cobalt irradiation plant where they locked my brother in a chamber to be irradiated. My brother showed me the damage to his body & expressed pain from the incidents while he worked for the logistics company. Later this irradiation plant was 'closed'.  Additionally, dozens of my brother's friends and/or acquaintances were not innocent from causing physical harm and persecution either.

I write this after having experienced death threats from the perpetrators who were connected to our  Pennsylvania Bucks County community of these  and any cults, white supremacy groups, or other corporations and religious institutions attacking me in covert gangstalking.