(V) Biotoxin Illness

The following is not medical advice and is merely an account of what the author, Angela Kneale, did in order to clear biotoxin illness, from her body. Biotoxin illness in her case was used interchangeably with the term "toxic mold". The term "toxic mold" did not encompass the slew of micro and nano-toxins that were at a high ppm in her by 2014. 
 This was also posted due to the extreme detoxification diet she did for several years and the health concerns normal Americans had because she was not eating ample food and living on nearly pure nutrition. The diet she used was so that she did not have to forfeit her vegan values, and so it is an extreme diet for a vegan as well.

Since most grains and fruits have too many carbohydrates that propagated the toxic mold in her bloodstream, she remained vegan without normal plant-based nutrition. If you are interested in interviewing her for her experience and how the Toxic mold debilitated her body, so she was unable to walk;- Please fill out the contact form at the end of this page. She has shared her story with many on Oahu who have experienced or know of others hospitalized and/or bedridden on Oahu with toxic mold.

High Power Microscope view of Toxic Mold? Biotoxin, Nano (tech) Sphere, Crystals,  Red blood cells, etc. in Angela "Kikuchi" Kneale's Blood in 2014.
Slide sample is taken from one drop of blood from a finger.
What I went through, wasn't anything that ANYONE normal could relate to. I was literally faced with not eating many calories at the beginning. One of the customers I had noticed I wasn't very energetic. And, that day, I'll remember for a long time. I explained to him I couldn't eat a lot of food and am vegan. He went out to the nearest taco drive-through and brought back a tortilla with lettuce and modest amount of guacamole in it. It was the first time anyone around me asked if I was ok. That is aside from those at the office I went into regularly.  I understand having something that is debilitating, and at the same time can potentially terminate my life if I consumed carbs. However, I was running on fueling empty calories at that point. Even on a Vegan Ketogenic supplement-based nutritional fasting regimen. It was so unbelievably insane to realize that 30 carbs before the net, could enable the toxic mold to put me in a coma, have a seizure, or even a heart attack. Today, it still makes me cry. And, that little bit of food. Somehow kept me from passing out after burning my energy supply from work. I saved all of my energy possible to go to work. The only other thing I could do was read and meditate and go to spiritual dojos and temples. It's been a long and lonely walk of a different illusory nature. And, I had to self isolate when not at places absent of food, in order to survive the Toxic mold battle.   

Original VEGAN Toxic Mold detox:

Vegan Toxic Mold detox:

Water and Toxic Mold detox:

Toxic Mold Legislation Needed:
Biotoxin - Toxic Mold Killing a blood cell in Angela M. Kneale
Oahu, Hawaii from Pauoa Valley 2014

Toxic Mold Re-exposure:

Healthy red blood cells in Angela M Kneale
Healed Anemia, Biotoxin Reduction Improvement