Angela M. Kneale
Willing to relocate

Professional Summary:
  • Experience as a Multi-faceted and diversified private consultant for entrepreneurs in International trade, domestic, and international real-world organizational development and reconstruction.
    • Personal Executive Management
    • Construction contract editing & revisions
    • Managed small business startup with gross involvement of $150,000<->$27mil
    • International logistic & technical business implementation
  • Media spokesperson and public relations mode

  • Researched existing infrastructure & environmental issues.
  • Developed public opinion poll; on a 12 year infrastructure project.
  • Interviewed, hired, & trained staffs up to 25-450 personnel.
  • Fundraised for lobbying firm in Capitol Hill, DC
  • Created & implemented clients' nationwide supply chain tracking
  • Expedited domestic & international field operations.

  • Researcher for special projects
  • Sole proprietorship since 1991
  • Self-employed for 10 years
  • Consultant with national & grassroots approach
  • Team-builder
  • Relational database design
  • Technical Support
  • Former expeditor on startups

Angela M. Kneale


Specialties: Personal Executive Management, Operations, 501c3 and Organizational Structure consulting and development.


Represented USA - – ABAC/SME Symposium, APEC - Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation - CEO Summit, USA 2011 HONOLULU, HAWAII

Private consultant for entrepreneurial and real life organizational development and reconstruction.

Piano beginning Japanese language and ESL teacher

Media spokesperson and public relations model

Media spokes person and public relations model

Held Charitable Music Conservatory Faculty keyboard/piano positions for 5 years.

Consulted for the Private small business owner startup with contracts ranging between $150,000-$27mil

Classical Pianist

Pianist since age 0

Established first independent piano studio September 1991
 Classical training and provide instruction for rapid progression for public performance.

Self Owned Piano Studios: Mililani Music & Arts Academy, Angela Kikuchi Kneale, Angela Kneale

Customize Lessons for client goals

Prepare students for festival auditions

Organize & record Studio Recitals

Manage advertising and business development & closure

  • Community Conservatory of Music & Art (501c3) Ithaca, NY 01/02- 200
  • Doylestown School of Music and Art (501c3) Doylestown, PA 01/02 – 05/05
  • Community Conservatory of Music (501c3) Doylestown, PA 08/00-01/02
  • Registrar CCM Rebuild and Facilitate Student Enrollment after comprehensive walkout. Schedule classes, create operations systems. 09/2000 – 1/2001
  • Manage CCM Studio of 52 students per semester
  • Organize Lesson plans to give students objective in private studies
  • Design Curriculum for group Clavinova & individual classes
  • Prepare Students performing in bi-semester recitals
  • Performed at Monthly faculty concerns and other community events
  • Taught 45+ individual weekly lesson (beginner – early advanced)
  • Teacher Guide – PeopleLink 5/2005 – 9/2005
    • Organized cultural exchange program in Doylestown, PA area for 17 students
    • Taught ESL course & seminar training
    • Provided cultural exchange opportunities & historic USA sightseeing
    • Organized housing, itinerary, & teaching plans
  • Organize student recital fundraiser for 2004 Tsunami funds to World Society for the Protection of Animals
  • Doylestown Rock Gym & the Adventure Network- Staff for outdoors ropes & team-building workshops.

Charitable Organizations

Bruno Groening Circle of Friends - Honolulu Community, HI - Success Report Writer 2015-2018

Mindfulness Meditation Leader & Music Arranger– Pebble Hill Interfaith Church 2004-2006
Pelican Man’s Bird Sanctuary, Sarasota, FL - Rescuer – Drive rescue truck & track, evaluate in field, and capture avian wildlife incl., endangered species, assist veterinary hospital staff. 1999-2000
  • Co-founder & President – AREAL  12-60hrs/week 1993-1999
  • Intern – PETA & the Fund For Animals 40hrs/week + travel 6/1996- 08/1996
  • PT Assistant – UPC United Poultry Concerns - Maryland 12hrs/week + weekends 6/1996-08/1996
  • Data entry for National Organization’s membership, Demonstration support
  • EOS - Project of Green Corps & University of Montana – Student Grassroots Organizer 80hrs/week+ travel 1996
  • President – ICES Ithaca College Environmental Society 1996

AREAL & ICES Highlights

  • Facilitated campus-wide recycling efforts & development of Environmental Studies major
  • Initiated campus-wide dining hall vegan options
    • Result 2018 A+ from PETA for Vegan dining Hall options at Colleges& Universities
  • Created organization to educate & inform surrounding community
  • Developed budget
  • Created 130+ active member support including local businesses
  • Organize tabling & training weekly volunteer help
  • Perform as PR media contact for network of relevant community organizations
  • Plan Events & fundraisers; Vegan Night, Public Speakers, Group Outings, Films, BodyShop sales, Public Demonstrations, etc.
  • Facilitate on Campus Campaigns with administrative permissions
  • Provide information for student classroom projects
  • Independent Investigative reporter - Cornell University “the Liberator” Conducted independent research on oil spill & interviews over 2 months while community in litigation with Conrail.

Authored Published work: “Conrail Kills Conrail Spills”, The Liberator, Cornell University 1997

EOS - Project of Green Corps & University of Montana – Highlights 1996

Media attention: USA TODAY, The Independent Missoula, MT

  • Participated in 1st university offered & national pilot program for grassroots organizing
  • Conducted recycling study and Public Speaker at News conference release
  • Lois Gibbs (CCHW) & community grassroots negotiations with Corporate Chlorine spill
  • Qualified campaign initiatives to limit corporate PAC spending & water pollution
  • Media & website development as community organizing tool
  • Consultant volunteer for PIRG Missoula, IWFF, Alliance for Wild Rockies, Lois Gibbs CCHW, Campaign to Save Mount Jumbo, and over 20 other Environmental organizations.
  • Develop organizational plans and Run my 2 organizations in Ithaca, NY
  • Assistant Director, Capitol Hill - Fund for Public Interest Research 08/1997- 10/1997
    • Served as test organizer for EOS- GreenCorps training
    • Attained set canvassing quota over $16k to maintain my position in 2 weeks
    • Attended in-house training after 1 month of employment
    • Collected & deposited all funds raised
    • Interviewed & Hired Fundraising staff of 30
    • Weekly review & firings to fill quotas
    • Canvassed for Ancient Forest & Water issues by Sierra Club & PIRG

  • Information Technology – Fred Gross - Founder PeopleSoft & Camps Works, Inc.
  • Import Export – Sally Lucke - Board of Directors MOMA, NYC, NY
  • Environment – C.B. Pearson - Green Corps & University of Montana
  • Animal Welfare – Alex Pacheco - Co-Founder PETA
  •  Constance E. Cook - former V.P. of Cornell University

Consulting Businesses:  Oki Ginko, dba 2007-2011
  • Intermediary in cultural understanding & political study/ think tanker.
  • Increase threshold  & awareness for successful business interactions prior to APEC 2011
  • Marketing Study & entrepreneurial venture
  • Goal to import and sell Green High rise building materials manufactured in Japan

Startup Work with Client (s):

Landscape Architecture & City Planning Industry
9yrs 11mos – Arboreal Delights, Inc. Privately Held 1-10 employees 
Assisted from portfolio development to company on-site
business entity materials
 wet film development darkroom for color or B&W
 Dry Stone mason
Horticultural & Nursery assistant 18yrs experience.
Skills: Moving businesses & Executives, Edits & revises a variety of written content including valuable contracts & agreements,

Backup computers, install & upgraded hardware & software, Troubleshoot security issues, Train clients on use of software, Networked & resources project requirements, Floor plan drawings, Executive assistant and personal assistant work and technology management services provided, employes a wide spectrum of business software, electronically organize paper offices, database refinement for reporting needs, Accounts Reconciliations, Identity & Marketing materials, Facilitate Website design & content creation with CEO, Responsible for Email campaigns, Coordinated several company moves.

Continued Education:
  • Managing Forwarders, Brokers & Carriers In Your International Supply Chain- Global Training Center - 2014
  • USA Representative, APEC- Hawaii - 2011
  • Personal Security- Elite Training Systems, Hawaii- 2009-11
  • Environmental Organizing- University of Montana - 1996

  • Courses M.S.M. - I.T. Enterprise database, telecommunications - Colorado Technical University - 11/2003-2/2005
  • Bachelor of Arts, Music - Ithaca College- 1999
  • Japanese Language- SERC - University of Nebraska - 1992