Sunday, November 20, 2022

My return to the Mainland;- anti AAPI hate happened.

It's been a long 4 years away from Hawaii. Hawaii, where my heart felt at home in the USA. So, I returned to the mainland USA, Bucks County, PA and got blindsided with Trump prompted Toxicity. I do mean Toxicity from the locals once I took my Hawaii I.D, to change it in for Pennsylvania residency. The DeepState, if you believe the 'conspiracy theory' or not, was all over me once I couldn't escape the immediate jurisdiction of Pennsylvania. That means, no more outside help or intervention from AAPI friendly police or local officials of Hawaii. 

Today, my intent to try and restart my life in the USA mainland is fizzled out from AAPI hate incidents and the hate from local businesses. As well as the jab which I cannot take as it will certainly kill me within minutes. The United States of America, has impressed extenuating circumstances on me and tortured me as a form of political hostage taking for racketeering, and/or trafficking of a child born to a Japanese citizen within the USA, and more. The international legal analysis of what the United States has done with my life is really an extreme form of political torture for being related to Japanese infrastructure officials. And normal Americans, don't care and are extremely careless and intentionally harmful to my life and acceptance in the international business community. 

So, all the healing I did to recover from the deadly attacks on me and my immediate family from 2002-2007 basically got wrecked. Instead these men, attacked me on the road, driving, at the house with scope guns and verbal threats. It was so bad that I literally felt their intent was to kill me under President Trump. I mean full blown toxicity of stalking me every time I left the house. And, the inequality of the entire situation including intent to kill me being a daily issue. It did not allow me the safety and peace to establish myself, restart a piano studio, and secure stable part-time or full-time work. And, it was clearly not the intent of those in my immediate family to do anything other than discredit me and kill me;- up until Biden became President AND anti-AAPI hate incident reporting was implemented nationwide. I had done everything I could to keep myself alive. And the Torture complaint is simply a matter of my  expression of the extensive torture I endured from my immediate family- mainly my father and his associates in the local government. He has not only remained unapologetic, but takes any opportunity to cause further harm to my life in significant ways. He was instructed by his attorneys Litzenberger and Knight long ago, when I was a toddler or prior to that time, of how much good he should do to try and make his participation in attempting to kill me look 'accidental' or spontaneous. His actions are calculated and supported by others like him in local government positions including police, NRA, and gun clubs.

This has turned into a financially strained to the grain 4 years on the mainland. And I've done everything I could to minimize more physical injuries. The early pandemic day I woke with bruises on my arm and leg, It took another 6 months for me to regain mobility of my arm. AND, i felt I had to reset the upper  humerus. And, it got to the point that I could do some lat pulldowns at the gym to about 70lbs max using both arms. But, because of the elderly crazies harassing me through my mom who believes in sacrificing my life over standing up to white supremacy;- I had to quit the gym after an elderly track coach approached me on a treadmill and started telling me what to do for no reason. Absolutely racist, sexist, and infuriating.

This morning, I had to reset the bone again. It seems to shift. But the state here doesn't support me AT ALL. meaning no health insurance, EBT, PUA, vegan noms from the food pantry;- nothing. But I put on weight anyway because I came off of my keto vegan diet and the carbs just added up real fast. So, i'm at my highest weight ever in my life.And, trying what I can to take it back down. So, I like walking but the cops found a way to hack my apps, social media, and got themselves situated to be ready to try and hit-and run me while on my usual morning walk.  I used to walk 2 miles every morning for years, trained in Hawaii up to 50hrs a week, danced, hit the gym, did Kokoro Yoga outdoors, Core Power, you name it... All of that burned massive calories and is now gone from my life. 

Every time I moved in my room during pandemic, I had velocoraptor like Trump supporters yelling at the doors I had barricaded and threatening to kill me.That's not to mention shutting off the wifi on me, or making such noise I couldn't do job interviews or much that wouldn't disturb my outside life. Yes, sadly I even had to turn my Protein stash into mini potties during the 1st year of pandemic. Really that bad, not joking. Furniture barricaded my door at my parents home and I started working on ACTUALLY completing the torture affidavit that I nearly got killed for several times. This is afterall, international politics and the reality of having a mother who is easily coerced into taking a stand against me by the white racists.

Wishing for some more pleasant times;- Biden got voted in and things calmed down a bit. Though, I'm still coming out of soul shock of having the local neighbors and police trying to kill me. In addition to being spat on, and attacked when I went into public. 

I filed tons of complaints, worked on an actual international torture complaint against the USA. And cannot believe I am still here today, and alive.