Sunday, August 21, 2022

Trust in an environment of persecution

An echo of those words I heard a successful AAPI say ring through me today something like this -- that Americans are all about Asian inclusion, as long as they aren't Asian-Americans and go back home.

Last night, I reflected on the serenity of the political, business, and social stage of Asian interactions being linked to my own experiences in classical piano. Everyone dresses up for the event, and it is serenity at its finest. What people don't see, is the physical abuse, targeted manslaughter aka suiciding an individual, downed planes and deaths people who didn't arrive, and American communities engaged in racist actions to drag down the AAPI's family in entirety.

In some old teachings to help others and visiting foreign environments, there is a concept of not causing harm. And though many do follow these simple and lazy rules;- the locked on socio-political missiles of targeting AAPI are enough to devastate a person. Only in an international communication under international laws, can an AAPI even express their emotion and the psychological impact of such American actions.

Yet you see that the clever legal gymnastics of the American criminal system is like a mass of fleas making a newborn kitten sick. Even going so far as to parasitise their food-- ie., A hateful non-Asian relative who they live with taking legal actions against them. 
Relative: "Oh you went shopping? Did you just eat that? That was  mine. I'm calling the cops. You theif you stole my food. You're an indigent ethnic living off me. I'm calling the cops you stole what you brought here." 

I know this from my own Caucasian father. Since the heights of Trump's Japan Steel Wars outburst, my own father and his community attacked my mother. I returned from Hawaii after giving away most of what I worked for to help. And though I provided a temporary buffer, the toxic system has decimated my finances and comprised my physical and psychological well being. 

And I won't say it's serene. No, attending APEC USA shipping symposium was as serene as the past decade has been for me. And i wasn't one of the deceased enroute- whose names were read and a moment of silence held. Nor is it serene for me to be condemned to intermittent hospitality work for a few months in my USA hometown- where I was berated and spat upon by customers and coworkers alike. For under $3/hour it wasn't worth my time and energy to continue to have grocery money for an atrocious recommendation and no rebuttal.

The ugly, not serene reality is more prevalent than those polished events.
And I, alone, am unable to stop the masses from dragging their future into primal tar pits of evil behaviors. Instead of 50people doing non-harmful good things- such as positive uplifting comments for an isolated minority-- such positive words are merely an insincere veil worn at face.

Something needs to change for AAPI who are stuck in racist environments. We have none to turn to and nowhere to go where there is much if any sincerity.