Wednesday, August 24, 2022

post Keto & Pandemic pounds

Vegan Keto or plant based keto
Whatever you call it, I did it through my 30s to save my life. And the pandemic came one year into my move back to the mainland USA. It's not pretty, thinking it would be no big deal to use grain based protein powders and eat some normal foods with family-- I packed on pounds that my petite frame has never had on it. And I didn't bulge out of my size fours- I got my first ever "muffin top" and my face aged so fast. 
No, I don't even look like the same person  to me anymore. My ripped and lean abs vanished. My daily routine wanted as I patiently waited and meditated through extreme life threatening anti-Asian and Anti-Japanese hate attacks by hiding, yes literally hiding and being barricaded in my old office-- essentially a storage room of critical parts of my life including me.

I no longer look like the lean waif I was 4 years ago, typical sized. Back then where I looked acceptable  compared to my "all Asian" coworkers in Hawaii.

And I can barely stand looking at myself into the mirror. My life, finances, friends,have vanished
 And I only had too many European American algorithms showing me how I'm not going to fit into life anymore.

But the pandemic pounds, must come off somehow. And it does mean cutting all the grain again. And irrational food theory that surrounds me and is thrown in my face as being "acceptable" in meteocre America. I can't go on like this. And the solutions here- solutions to my immediate aafety-- have destroyed not only my body, but broken my heart through the past few years. And destroyed my livelihood in entirety. 

Don't ever eat out of fear after going Keto
It made me look like a beast.
Though most of my clothes fit tight.