Monday, August 22, 2022

Positive and Good

The positive, there were tons of great ideas. The negative, these great ideas fail to keep the world from destruction when used simultaneously. And what needs improvement-- is that the issue has become so overwhelming, we actually need real corrective actions - outside of more regulations that will fail us.

Look for the positive in everything and what is good. Ignore the dark tragedy and evil.
Leave duality of the universe. What have we left unscathed to change our "living on mother earth" framework?

I looked back at the racial tensions of the past decade, and did a mindfulness meditation to "remove that stress" from my  background mental chatter. Justified to find healing, I did what worked in the open and loving diverse environment I was in. Moving away from that environment, I expected similar treatment when I returned to the mainland USA. And my soul was deeply bruised for being misguided.
No, not all healing groups are the same in all places. Even under the same title. There is an interpersonal dynamic that chips away. 

Yesterday my meditation was on making peace with those who outrightly told me they hate Japanese, through the pandemic.
And my mind guided me to the thoughts about my "too quiet" demeanor. That I simply think to myself, I came here to heal. But you want to pick a fight with me, that is inappropriate. So I will leave the space and focus on my healing.
I've repeated this hundreds of not thousands of times in my life. And it's become a habit since few people have ever stood up for me to make a space for me, let alone in an appropriate way.

Changing religion to some light workers is like changing a burnt out light bulb. Yet, I /we are still in the room afflicted by the lighting-- no matter how many rainbow modes shine and linger. 

Thinking about the light workers I know-- religion has become a tool to socially network or a work around for complex persecution and systemic racism. It upholds the openness factor to different people and ideas, yet it fails to resolve the overall main issue-- having human rights upheld according to the State Laws, and UN Human rights acts. 

Switching lighting is a fun thing to take the mind off of otherwise obvious flawed society. And may provide some basic sustenance to quiet those who sell their wretched souls at the price of daily ,low maintenance contentment. 

How many times will nations reinvent themselves with social and economic theory, only to fail the people contained within their borders? Globalism, is a management style with a hint of consideration for how corrupt local governments can be manipulated. Globalism hardly rivals "well established" western families who essentially show the Globalists how laws are worked around in their local communities. And today, we see that concepts of equality only exist in dragging an opponent to the ground before throwing them off a cliff.

What is the good and positive? I started there and started shaming myself silently for stewing brashness-- and switching the lighting effect to focus on the bad and evil that taints it's duality in good.  There are some absolute rules that should be followed, to maintain and uplift ALL life on earth.  It is an absolute must.

While war casted shadows remain ghostlike, engulfing society like a dim mist. We have arrived at a point in time where the wings of protection surrounding us are unable to protect us from being burnt up from the closeness of the sun. We are all dying, with that one guarantee life has to offer -- death itself. It's time we save the natural world from a collapse upon us now, immediately. It s only for the worldcentric who understand the layers of focused niche experts whose collective inventions and researched applications have torn the fabric of the world apart.