Monday, August 08, 2022

nightshade issues

The early August summer haul of veggies:
Green peppers, tomatoes
Dashed with onions and graffitied Greek eggplant...
All the European food nostalgia of my days in New York, got me to cave in and add an entire crisp green pepper on a 96°F day to my salad. Reflecting back to my pre-vegan childhood of slathering Catalina dressing on my green peppers every summer. 
I woke up regretting it.
My throat in early anaphylactic swelling and irritation phase as I sat in disappointment with my self control through my morning meditation. Focusing on breath, year 20+.
 And people wondered why I could tolerate the dry crisp sprinkles of green pepper on my thin crust pizzas- back in the day of my life before no pizza( a different issue).
So, I doggedly opted to oblige my mother's wish;- to make tomato stew. And so I set to taking a case and a half of tomatoes,the kind with a compression bruises from packing, and prepped them into cored, peeled, whole stewed tomatoes.

Instead for today, I picked a sprig of Japanese UmeShisoand made a melange of yellow summer squash, zucchini (zuke), and cucumber. Topped with shoyu, and boiled in the remaining tomato cooling water.