Saturday, August 27, 2022

Garlic today

Today, I finished making the tomato sauce I began yesterday. And also cooked remaining tomatoes and eggplant-- to which I decided to put garlic into and make an eggplant roulette flavor. What I wound up with (aside from heartburn) was something that tastes close to my old college favorite boxed organic vegan eggplant roulette. 
I skipped eating garlic for most of the past several years. 
Though I cooked and jarred my way through a spiritual healing conference. I finally sat down as the online conference streamed live from Geseke continued.
After DH shared a moving truck driving story, I was stunned I could relate to the situation on any level. And somewhere after that and before a music performance happened- I sat quietly and felt a spine tingling up my back to my shoulders.
So, I wonder how many things changed today in my biochemistry. I typically don't eat that much nightshade or garlic 
And I had quite a day spiritually.

Was it vampire removal of the European flavor of garlic? Or was it an invitation for spiritual evil by consuming the night blooming evil garlic plant that Krishna's followers abstain from eating?
Yet articles say there is an adrenaline rush when the spine tingling happens -in absence of any damage.