Monday, August 01, 2022


There's an open style of inclusion for some newer victims movements. But it really doesn't feel too emotionally healthy to me- especially as Ihave been on a quest for answers about my US veteran biological father.

The victims movement exists as a type of generational trauma permitted by the US intelligence community and armed forces.
But, it's even more destructive to have a foreign national parent attached to one of these toxic individuals.  I had never considered I'd be on a healing journey after my high school days of heading to Alateen (see book "Hope for children of alcoholics) during political science class. 

Today I'm searching for answers to my own trauma of growing up in an abusive community and household. And, I wasn't the only kid at Alateen - learning the basics of not having self blame for the shortcomings of my USAF veteran dad.

My mom, rarely drank alcohol and eventually condemned it. It became an impasse for our family because it was the last shred of "somewhat Happy" pastime a cording my dad. A person who physically abused me to appease his attorney and other community members and prove his commitment to the United States of America. Something I've rarely shared with Anyone-- until childhood torture documents started appearing in my online searches, to remind me of what and why my father did what he did for the USA.

And he has never apologized to me, and still is fixated on killing me as part of his daily ritual. I learned about psychic driving See this video at 4:33 

Today, I feel I learned about why my US father, a state actor, is and has always been a literal psychopath towards me. And that my mom fell into the same US torture experiments when he put her in experiential surgeries where she nearly died. And also returned home mutilated and scarred with Traumatic brain injuries. Yes, the uncaring USA took away any sense of safety I could have developed in life. I recognized that within me today when I viewed a brain scan video of a combat veteran. I have never had any sense of being cared for inside the mainland USA. 

All this talk of Havana Syndrome, microwave auditory effects, transhumanism, ambient backscatter, and CIA torture experiments is a lot, I mean A LOT to process. And then, add a big topping of biotech and nanotech studies. 

Everytime I see videos of microwave and brain injury scans- I think about how my immediate family members have suffered from different surgeries and accidents and attacks. Then think about those who I've known with TBI or PTS as combat vets.
 And then try to figure out how to keep myself going after tears well up. I wonder how the past 6 years of unravelling what the USA human tests on my family members will work out. It's quite a bit to understand the many ways the US government has experimemted on us.
Especially after my parents notified me as a child that we were experimenters and my Japanese national mother feared for our lives being threatened by my father as a State actor obeying orders of the USA.