Monday, August 08, 2022

copyright issues

One of the biggest issues I've had being alive in the USA is copyright. Especially since I'm a minority and Hapa/Halvsie. 
What does my race have to do with it? 
Simply that noone stands up for me. Noone, especially not my parents who started off by patentening my DNA with their Deep state Pennsylvania attorney.

So, the ludicrous issues  I have are;
1. My face looks different from different angles - though I'm not a composite image, some picture angles of my face are mistaken by A.I. for other people. This issue has been prevalent since 2003/2004 in the mixed race Halvsie community.
Unfortunately in my case, it's not only a copyright issue but is also an identity theft issue (in addition to other problems with the US Intel Community)

2. The data theft I've experienced, that is Icloud and Google  (and Microsoft) blocking me from my accounts or "locking up" pictures-- means that someone else could have or probably ©️ copyrighted my pics. It's happened several times where my microscopy of my own blood work, strange sunsets and skylines, and personal pics have gone missing for several years. Only to be returned to me after months staying at my parents' house. Yeah, it is really that bad. 
Hi, I represented the USA at a Trade summit...(I have powerful relatives overseas in Japan) but I can't make a phone call without glitches or get into my email and other accounts for 7 entire years. BTW: AT&T sucks. AND, I NEEDED FEDS TO KEEP ME ALIVE IN THE USA and am WITHOUT A CREDIT CARD.

3. I think I hit the main two issues, but here is the third issue. I got back to the mainland and learned from a friend about surveillance software testing on the local public's cell phones. So, being that I knew a developer directly-- I can only guess they aren't the 1st person contact who probably included my phone in their testing pool sample. 
      So, for a decade and continuing- I've had noticible issues typing without severe errors or keyboard freeze/crashes. Especially from Hawaii, but also definitely from Pennsylvania 2018-2020- I suspect also SAIC,  and some from New York's GrammaTech. 

Yeah, imagine all that along with gangstalking. It's no wonder my life is a total failure. Though, it is definitely US Defense related and FISA.