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The only "firewall" the human brain has is the "blood-brain barrier" (BBB). 

Voice Frequencies
Voice Frequency is 300 to 3400 herz (HZ) range.
 Male Voices between 85 to 155 HZ. 
 Female voices between 165 to 255 HZ.  
Audio is slower than light              15:08.2021
Advanced signals are transmitted at picosecond rates up to the speed of light-- Solarblind region of ultraviolet bandwidth for nanotechnology. A live human test using Intra-Body (IB) HBC nano-technology in a controlled environment was published by a Chinese university in 2019.
Wireless Broadcasts to the Brain     15.08.2021
Human Body Communication (HBC) technology. Many products on the market are only a 'product name', not the actual technology. This fact makes it difficult to research. There are many coinciding and overlapping terms, and yes It Does Exist. » READ MORE ]
Inner Hearing Engages Imagination     29.08, 02:08
In the 1980s the term "Inner Hearing" was coined in the music world, by the world-renowned Organist,  Dr. Richard Van Auken. This article discusses how a musician's ability works.[ » READ MORE ]
T.I. Documentation
Giving Up? 
15.08, :00
Writing to the U.N. is a last resort.  Please note that the Torture Treaty only has 1 Rapporteur for 192 nations, and generally focuses on prisoners. CAT may not be as effective as other U.N. Treaties where torture can be addressed. ie., Torture related to; Disability, Domestic Abuse, Racial Discrimination, etc. 
International Organizations
28.08, 11:41EST
There are several international organizations that have sprung up in the past several years. Many are grassroots groups, that offer meetings. Others are newly established as civil rights groups. Check for their status of incorporation and membership requirements.
Technology & AI updates
Cybertorture See Pg. 18 of UN A/HRC/43/49
REASONS TO WRITE TO THE UNITED NATIONS -- A process that can take years

There is no statute of limitations in the international jurisdiction for many human rights violations. 

1. Refused help by domestic civil rights groups and attorneys and state or federal agencies.
2. Refused the right to report incidents by law enforcement and victim's advocacy groups ie. DOJ, FBI, ATF.
3. Retaliated on for making a report: to a victim's support agency, a domestic state agency, attorney, or law enforcement.
4. Changed national laws about foreign family relations affect your "espionage" status in the nation where you reside. 

Domestic reporting attempts should be documented in case an international inquiry is made after years of targeting. Journal phone calls, emails, and as many details of inquiries and conversations. Perpetrators can intercept phone calls or sub in a temporary worker, so be sure to research the contact agency thoroughly. Many civil rights groups and attorneys are prone to 'domestic schmoozing' with corrupt state actors against minorities born to foreign nationals, foreign nationals, immigrants, and their own minority citizens. Well-established civil rights groups and attorneys sometimes behave like foreign policy watchdogs and can contribute to further personal injury or death while maintaining strength from their domestic cheerleaders. 

Non-diplomatic yet related to a Foreign Official at a private corporation, in a foreign government, or an Ally.

Many attorneys are not international attorneys and do not offer authentic international apostille services as a notary.  Despite their domestic credibility;- they may be insufficient for minorities and international families of or with foreign national origins. This is one way the USA contained litigation and allegations of human rights violations for decades. 

In Europe and North America, many smaller courts, civil rights, victim's advocacy groups lack translators who speak non-European languages. The USA frequently lists volunteer positions that are unpaid and have no wage value for taxes or national contribution for very critical work to minorities. Attorneys can exacerbate very 'unbelievably small' issues of blatant persecution to create devastating effects for their "client" and the client's family members. Their slight misunderstandings and deliberate patriotism can plummet a studious and successful young person into depression, destroy their academic standing, reroute their life, and open the door for Cointelpro style operations against them that results in a covered-up death by suspicious circumstances or suicide decision by the local police. Interpol may never hear of the incident even if it involves a foreign national on a visa and legally employed. Equally disturbing, is the 'miscategorization' of Asian children, mixed-race children who are separated from their parents. Many of us are labeled "Mexican" by US officials and intelligence, despite our Asian nationality and parentage within the USA.

Time has proven that globalists and local hate crimes groups coordinate efforts 
against minorities and vulnerable foreigners. 

It goes one more level deep when a nations' citizen minorities feel they are entitled to lash out at the old enemies' of their homeland. Minorities lash out and harm other minorities easily in the political and social hierarchy of past wars.  Settlements that are gained from lawsuits are an economic part of rising out of infringed-upon minority status--in a capitalist nation. Extended family members of foreign officials at private corporations and civil servants are frequently targeted, used as hostages, and tortured for political agenda;- even if they are a citizen.  Successful widespread collaboration for them people is seldom trumpeted, and non-political families of the same nationality are conversely upheld in social status
Prepare for Disaster: 
28:08, 14:17 EST 03.09.2021
Flash floods may hit at any time. Keep documentation on DVD or CD. Waterproof bag & seal (double up) your evidence, power bank, phone, USB cords, etc. 
A crash pad serves as comfort that you can slip light RF (radio frequency) or EMF (electromagnetic frequency) shielding into. Stash extra bags too!
Put a GPS tracker in the bag in a real emergency.
Jumbled stuff? 
15.08, 12:00
If you want to write letters to officials, write a book, prepare a court case, be effective. It is important in a limited timeframe. Spend most of your time pre-writing.  After drafts are written -- Aim to accomplish one paragraph or topic each day that's easy. 
Consider taking a free writing course to help you edit and polish your documents.
Electromagnetic Attack?   What Cybertorture?

Top-down adoption for national cybertorture laws is underway since the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Torture released his groundbreaking report in 2020.

Are Electromagnetic attacks on diplomats involved in prominent cybertorture litigation? The jurisdiction is primarily related to official government property. Is this type of -- possibly outsourced and contracted-- cyber, electronic warfare attack an act of war? It affects the health of ambassadors and national representatives. The symptoms are similar to civilian reports of in-body cyber attacks to the head--results in brain injury. [read more]

National laws for public or civilian cases of cybertorture involving a plethora of cybertechniques and directed energy weapons (DEW) are in the making; on or off government property; by confirmed or unconfirmed assailants, remotely of using ambient backscatter communication methods.

03.09.2021 last updated 25.01.22      01:19AM EST
Microwave or Sonic Attacks as severe brain injury
03.09.21  21:28PM EST updated 14.09.21 01:57AM EST
Many auditory symptoms were reported by diplomatic Sonic Attack Syndrome subjects at or near US Embassies. Thousands of civilian cases resulting in UHI, in public places are reported around the globe. Please refer to  NCBI link about Havana Syndrome Symptoms.

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