Tuesday, August 02, 2022

Another friendship ended

So, another friendship has ended. See email screenshot below from a former NSA analyst directly to me.
And while many non-Asians assert that I can't be abused because of my subhuman characteristics; I beg to differ.

There's a big difference between participating, and social expectations that keep a person on poverty. Mainly, the subservient stigma that most Americans have against Japanese and Japanese Americans. That we are supposed to bow down to "America" and scrape by on crumbs and ashes of society in the suburbs of Manhattan, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. aka the heartland of the former USA colonies.

Its as if it's a type of contagious mindset, that even the most liberal minded West Coast USA citizens embrace, just to fit into life on the East Coast. And while some small pockets of mixed race groups and others who set clear boundaries have been formed;- it's very clear that those groups don't include everyone. And that there is division and non-support to help the intelligence agency narratives- that is to push a foreign agenda by negatively or positively harming certain families.

Yet to speak of abuse, as a daughter of an immigrant,  is a death sentence here in the USA. In speaking out about torture, something Intel analysts prompted was for me to join the spotlight of being humiliated- so that my daily life has 'all systems failed'.
My father takes every day to float about how I have no proof of his daily black;put beatings as he tells my mom what an ass I am for trying to say anything bad about him. How he and the police have arranged to imprison me for the deaths of my two siblings-- the retaliation I face for reporting abouty sister's death that was a horrific daily story my mother told me. The truly horrible Americans - reaching out to me through a FISA related victims' movement- only to impale me on their flagpole of patriotic glory.

I've had enough of America, and whatever compassion is intertwined with their national genocidal glorification  of abombing Japan.