Thursday, July 07, 2022

torture complaint update

After an arduous 6years of research and activism, the update to my case/public testimony. No, this is not a game and it certainly has crushed the remaining potential for my life in the USA.

2022- this year has flown by quickly.
I finished the science writing course.
And had many computer issues by the end of it in February/March. Despite rebuilding my computer, it is still down since I have been hesitant to put Windows (a requirement) on it. This has hindered any and all income. Also website issues with since 2021 spurred me to try it's very clear hackers affect the email and also content directly posted at the website.
Also, I am barred from monetizing online and shadowbanned. I believe this targeting is deliberate since searches produce American opinion only results about Japan when I search. I am also innundated with Anti-Japanese search results here in USA.

DOJ Department of Justice opened Anti-Asian hate crimes reporting. I reported over 20 incidents related to my lifelong torture complaint in the new federal system.

 September- I made 1 Havana Syndrome related UHI report to the State Department. It was within the time frame of Diplomats who experienced attacks. Yet I was in Hawaii when the incident occurred.

Started attending some TI meetings online. Mostly meditated, self care, and logged in to the BGCOF healing group frequently (daily) took my time amidst extremely vicious anti-Japanese /Anti-AAPI hate attacks. 

I was very sick for several months into the summer. Probably contracted Hepatitis from a sick coworker who went to ER and left the bar a mess overnight. I left due to racial hostilities about a week later. Then became extremely sick, lethargic.

Dec- wrote summary general affidavit about torture- notarized.
March- Lockdown began in Bucks County, PA  also extremely distressing threats on my life from neighbors and initial state actor over months. Broken" arm incident I had to reset myself- ER closed. Extreme rise in Anti-Asian hate incidents when I went into Quakertown, PA from community members and police:- spitting, coughing on me, aggressive physical& social behaviors, harassment while on walks, nearly hit by PD vehicle as I left for my walk after v2k directed at house.

Feb- Email drop for Targeted Justice
Dec-Feb- very sick or depressed- slept through nearly a month Jan-Feb after leaving Pentagon South conference center job.

November- Responded to UN psychological torture questionairre.
October - Targeted Justice Rally on the Mall/Whitehouse lawn & McClean, VA across from Director of National Security.

July-November Capitol Hill, Washington, DC  Document and research at Congressional Law Library and occasionally in the Library of Congress. Had 1 month of paid work during this time in Alexandria, VA.

April-July Ithaca, NY - I researched to pull together information and laws pertaining to the international affidavit. I did this at the Law Library at Cornell University over 4 months while working catering and temp work for Cornell University Library.