Wednesday, July 13, 2022

To take immediate action

Those who fear or sense danger react differently. Some take their time in making a decision- whether out of fear, shock, ineptitude, or ability. Others who may be trained are able to sense and react before being really present in the moment of that danger.

If there is a blind monk walking me down a steep staircase to the lower gate of the monastery exit. He senses a situation before reaching the gate, and I continue down the stairs alone. Realizing he may need help retreating backwards on the staircase. I ask him if he needs help. And he replies no, and that he knows where these stairs are.

I exit the narrow staircase gate and walk a few meter oblivious to what is going on at the city level. There's a big beautiful someday building in front of me. And I'm enjoying the blue sky framing it's magnificence. I walk almost to the curb and suddenly pause. I turn my head to the left and see a man laying in a pooll of shimmering synthetic blood. A woman is hunched over him kneeling, and I see the person's face in agony. And I also see an evening style purse. And I look at the purse a second time, noticing a gun barrel pointed at my feet.  And I notice one more person before I retreat to the gated entrance stairwell.. I scramble to realize why the royalty had entered the room upstairs and invited me to gamble. I shirked because I lack the funding to gamble at such a high level. And I decided this security issue of a possibly dead person outside was a cover to hit a secondary target.
While a tall husky in black and white accompanies me on hind legs.
A bit surreal like many dreams. It felt synthetic a bit. I have never had a dream with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Harry and a blind monk, and a Husky (dog) walking on hind legs while a couple people remained int he background.

Yet immediate action is what I continue to contemplate. Unlike the blind monk, my senses didn't alert me to what was happening on the sidewalk. He retreated backwards while I continued. Yet I have the eyesight to notice the barrel concealed by the purse. What each of us experiences and turn into a reaction, may fit us for where we are. And that is our gift in this life to experience..

If I had the funds to gamble big, would I want to have a charity fundraiser?