Thursday, July 07, 2022

The old human traffickers of Bucks County

Today, may be my last day alive 
The flat tire incident and my father telling my mother to kill me. So I asked my mother
If she would write a letter stating that I am her daughter. She replied that I have a birth certificate and she won't write anythi g for me. She exploded in violent rage at me saying I'm not her daughter.
And insists on pushing this point.
So I am at the point of reporting several people for also trafficking me since childhood, including the USA and fabricating my documents.
Though rough genetic and DNA reports say that I am a Hapa. And I have spent some time though brief with my alleged JapNese relatives in Japan .

It seems that the friendships my parents had in my youth- were directly connected to them allowing local officials and friendly pedophiles to assault me since at least age 2.3-3years old. And, that their network of friends, police, EMS,  elementary to high school officials gave them support.
All while excessively forcing me out of having a normal life. It includes 2 abduction later in my adulthood to disrupt a 7year relationship I had. 

Today, the SBA still demands naturalization paperwork of my mother that my alleged parents and my mother choose not to provide. While they scream at me for being garbage and go get a job after I was blacklisted from the system. The Richlandtownship, Quakertown, Dublin State Police, And Doylestown Police have all participated in conspiracy and hate crimees against me that constitute torture. In addition to several ongoing retaliatory events from PA DMV, those who can tamper with my vehicle record, and cause issues to "get rid of me" in a traffic incident.

My alleged mother seems to be directly participating with Neighbors who have committed hate crimes against me throughout my life that constitute torture.
There is no way I can continue in any respectable manner due to the actions of the Pennsylvania community and Federal Agents.