Sunday, July 03, 2022

summary of extensive torture I endure

As I near another decade on the planet, I still have no real freedom in the USA.
The US State Actors know full well what they did. They know that I have a Japanese national mother to whom I was born.She was a Japanese national at the time of my birth. 

In 2018, I returned to my USA hometown in Bucks County, PA. The local state actors, veterans, and police continued to entertain my elderly father's state actor oriented abuse/torture of me. He claimed that I was a Mexican immigrant. That my elderly mother is Korean. He filed police reports against me to deliberately destroy my hire ability, and income. The SBA and REP. Fitzpatrick's office still claim that I don't qualify as a minority because my Japanese mother needs to give me her immigration paperwork. Essentially, as an adult who represented the USA while attending a public symposium at APEC USA trade summit-- I have no credibility due to the deliberate actions of all of these state actors and their family, associates, and community. 

The toxicity and life destruction to my life is irreparable. It does fully involve the DoD, USAF, CIA and others privy to who exactly I am a niece and granddaughter to In Japan.
These state actors also collectively have committed the following crimes against me:
1.  Torture 
2. Identity theft
3. Blacklist me in Employment system(s)
4. Abducted
5. Held in isolation
6. Raped repeatedly and assaulted
7. Threatened life repeatedly
8. Attempted murder with conspiracy to cover up
9. Directed former inmates and international criminal(s) into my life - usually ATF related
10. Electronic Harassment
11. Cybertorture, Torture, Psychological torture
12. Gangstalking
13. Human trafficking me.
14. Poisoned me
15. Obstructed me from having contact with family and friends.