Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Recovering online & cloud acccounts

Tonight I'm staying up late.
Some old personal or business accounts I had emerged while deleting a pile of US government email lists 

Disaster preparation in 2010-2013 just before and after the Japan Tsunami meant I digitalized my sentimental and personal documents. But the various email providers, cloud storage, and domain hosting made it impossible for me to maintain security. Tonight I'm looking back at accounts that had more documents than what is remaining in my accounts.

So it seems the list of old email providers and phone numbers was corrupt and seems to still be very glitchy with login loops and erroneous fingerprint requests.
One of these account apps is a Box account. I'm unable to access the account at all through the app. 

Obviously, someone else used my identity while I suffered extreme embarrassment for a decade or more. Depends when you start counting the Persecution by the DHS and US Government - before and after the Patriot Act.