Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Pulsed energy

22:32 PM EST sitting at my desk and cleaning out some space from my email account, the aluminum bubble mailer starts to make crackling sounds and pops and hits of pulsed energy rage in a flurry accompanied by the loud sound of a vehicle passing in front of the house, all while I am held captive to noticing the sound. It is too late, I was already hit several times while listening to the reflectix mailer I have used as a warning signal over 4years.

And I take off to a different space, pausing to notice a hollow echo lacking a heartbeat in my head. It feels like that heavy heartbeat after exercising to exhaustion- minus the heartbeat. Only the nose bleed level echoing of pulsed energy.

BTW, I made a couple phone calls to the racist Feds last week to report the nonstop DoD 5140.1r human testing. No reply yet, but it's clear to me, that they amped up the kill signal of more not non -lethal weapons according to the Army Research Institute.