Saturday, July 09, 2022

Ozone thoughts today

Ok. got my attention about the 03 issue. But...but there is that one issue for me; that my decade old ex-nuke relationship nightmare is now 100% correct about UV (UVB/UVC) being worse than being next to a shielded nuclear reactor.

So, with one study and several electronic warfare and information ops being sporadic at many levels
...  My old shorten the rap skills now go like this...
So Nadine-- I'm thinking this is a lighter fun way to touch on the chemtrails issue- without sounding serious.what do you think?

Re: climate changing ozone

I heard that the ozone treatments they used to destroy coronavirus lead to a huge new hole in the ozone layer. It's (the hole in ozone layer) over the tropics. So wear long sleeve clothing to also avoid the titanium dioxide in sunscreen! 

This is where I'm at today. Nor will I ever be spewing 50min of science and moral protest so eloquently during sunburn season, and after a day where most of the earth got sunlight.

Yet I do care about the impact I see on trees. After being away from deciduous forests for a solid decade. There's lichen growth indicating sick and dying outdoor trees of all ages. Today I sorted more. And was uncertain about tossing the wisteria nd bamboo overgrowth. I'm beginning to think that we may need these invasive vines and roots for soil retention and to support a canopy.