Thursday, July 07, 2022

My personal beliefs

My life is abnormal and strained as a 1st generation Japanese-American. My to whom I was born was a Japanese National,, from a country that once practiced Buddhism and Shinto religions. My State Actor father was raised Catholic, with the Philadelphia Sisters of Mercy overseeing his education.

Today, I identify myself as an ethical vegan who practices Buddhism when there are appropriate and welcoming Buddhist temples run by devout Asian monks.
In 2020, a Judge in London ruled that vegan is a personal belief that should be treated like a religion. In Pennsylvania, NY, Virginia, it's not something that is upheld for me while the Feds or Local hackers control and steer my employment options and psyche into despair. I was able to live happily without the psychological stress of compromised veganand Buddhist beliefs quite well in Hawaii. In hindsight, it was a joy to live in Hawaii albeit at the brink of poverty from being physically attacked, sexually abused, and/or berated by some possible US military officer types with possible (PTS) post-traumatic stress.

And since the pandemic, the God focused non-denominatoonal healing group I have belonged to since 2016 has become "a religion" according to Facebook and other powers that be. 

My parents were unbiased about getting rid of me on Sundays by sending me to Sunday school. They had me Baptized Evangelical Lutheran before they themselves became part of the satanic and white supremacist church that dished out heavy abuse at me and my late brother every week. They also had well respected townspeople with astute German Nazi leanings. While my younger brother begged to be freed from the weekly nightmares, hate incidents, and torture from the small Richlandtown, PA  Lutheran Churc in the @980s- I was forced to attend and be confirmed while the white supremacist/Satanic MK ultra type pastor openly threatened my life. It was known that the Pastor's son committed suicide while on LSD and left a recording before falling to his death with a friend at a local quarry. Noone in the community seemed to care how violent this pastor wa towards me. His Sunday school instructors also dished out weekly verbal and racist abuse at me over 12-14years I attended.

In essence, my parents' open policy on religion being a community inclusion organization led to them accepting the local Bucks County culture of pedophiles and white supremacists. They stopped caring about me, called me an evil child, and ruthlessly escalated beatings (from 50-100 lashes of my father's leather belt until I passed out to head strikes until I passed out) meant to silence me. The head blows began at the instruction of my early piano I structor- to beat me in the head like Beethoven - in the masonic style of corporal punishment. Though the attorneys claimed I was less than a dog in training. And my parents viewed me as a sub-himan based on the community (Philadelphia to Bucks County, PA) values They hated me more and more as these evil religious groups of people gained access to me, and possibly my brother at an age when our first memories were developing.

In the end, despite my being able to read and speak english- I was a token community object for pedophiles to abuse. And the kids who were my friends for a few short years in my life seemed to get some type of community praise for bringing me to their churches. Unitarian, Catholic, were just a couple. I was a spectacle in this community that vaguely tolerated me as a human being since I was bi-racial to them- a mud. Back then in childhood, I thought mud meant that I am mixed-race. My Japanese mother was not privy to the local slang and intonation of hate. The term mud connotates many many abusive actions against me as an unwilling child passed around the community for racial and sexual abuse and torture.

If you consider white supremacy a faith,or satanic agenda something normalized under the churches with tax exemption long ago - these people had many ways to fund their agenda for decades.