Sunday, July 31, 2022

my Fight from within the USA

I have given up trying to spare myself the disgrace that Americans and mostly US state actors caused to my life. I have been asked by Japan self Defense Forces in Hawaii to quit the only employment I had in the USA to save face for my Japanese relatives. Instead of going to Japan and being imprisoned for the disgrace, I remain in the USA unable to perform as a suitable liaison or family member due to actions initiated against me by the US intelligence community and USAF- people who fully want to see me suicided, including my father a former USAF W6 officer veteran.

The Quakertown Public school pedophiles (who I reported decades after incidents) have the backing of the DoJ Anti-AAPI hate crimes reporting. And people in America still blame me as a Japanese American woman. 
The normal Bucks County area community behavior still involves American men who use and abused me from elementary school through my HS graduation at age 17.  
It went beyond that into my 18th birthday when I was a freshman at college;- put in a coed dormitory with adult men. While many people at Ithaca College knew parts of my story- being targeted repeatedly in the mandatory dorms at what was considered boarding school style housing-- I failed out of my triple degree program quickly. And, left unable to transfer out of the college to a better environment. 
I started an animal rights group and and actively recruited the co -founders. As a genXer on the east coast I was able to facilitate a group. Eventually, Cointelpro brought me down and shoved me into a crowd of people much older and powerful in American society. They are people who had financially supported America's elite Bill Clinton. All by 1999. 
It's now 2022 and I have never had a family of my own or relationship untainted by American political agenda to affect Japan. Did I say Japan? Yes, my mother is a silent generation Japanese, turned immigrant by my 14th birthday. Nearly 20years after arriving in the USA. 

And today, I have been barely surviving the continued attacks on my life- not just my identity, finances, career, and familial affiliation both in the USA and abroad.
I want others to know-- most of the attacks I endured are considered torture (as federal crime). And also racketeering to affect foreign officials.

And it has not stopped.