Wednesday, July 06, 2022

July 6, 2022

Tonight I'm sipping on some adaptogenic Tulsi tea, tea of dried Holy Basil. And aside from having an unusually calm day, one where I slept through most of it. I woke to doing dishes my elderly parents left from lunch and dinner.  Watered the wilted plants outside while finding my heart had some type of dull aching, not depression, rather a debilitated type of movement. After contemplation of my heart issue as a spiritual matter, I decided that my heart is broken so badly, the sins that plagues my past are always remembered. including the extensive sins others committed as acts against me.  For breakfast, I had some broccoli with stir fried mushrooms and onion. Not my usual fare, onions.
I find myself contemplating parts of a conversation I had yesterday. How was it that my father who allegedly had ATS clearance during my youth to be with my Japanese national mother -- permitted a non-classified attorney and US Civil liberties organization to handle matters that adversely impacted my life. To constitute torture.

Other thoughts today, after dropping in on Rumble to watch a Stew Peters show Live...
Hearing that the Georgia Guide stones were destroyed. Somewhat brought some ease into my thoughts. And then hearing about the music industry bans. Reminded me of the early 2000s when many of us local musicians and instrumental instructors were targeted by the Defense Industry. 
Back then they, the bankers, were making upwards of $15 million a day from the war on terror. And they went so far as to attack me at my local branch where I had a meager account. They dislike peace and much like their operations to destroy my family since I was a childhood, they wanted to destroy ANY and all signs of peaceable acceptance and respect of us in the USA.
Fast forward 2 decades to 2022 
Outright music bans are generally conducted because any movement, or ideology that furthers their depopulation agenda is where their money goes. 
Every follower and fan of the musicians who promote their degenrate agenda gets favored. The criminality expressed in songs also furthers the surveillance agenda. Could it be that all of the trigger words to justify excessive surveillance are pumped deliberately by the music industry to gain a secure hold of the masses. That every trigger word played and regurgitated  by fans is enough justification to perpetuate the surveillance element?

For what I have, this is good, this is the best I can do. For what is possible, it is insufficient.

How probable is it that the degenerate mediocrity is in all of the hype, all that the globalists need? And that what we need to gain access to in the realm of hopeful and supportive possibilities it is deliberately lacking in all moral and social integrity. The undermining of the minions who stepped on a booby-trap moving in slow motion.