Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Gangstalking laws

Under Organized Gangstalking  there should be a classification of abduction, sex assault, battery, theft, hacking of electronic communication. My personal experience with Bucks County, PA officials is that they paid off a temporary agency in the process of their conspiracy crimes against me and further discriminate, persecute, and torture me. 

1. The organized sex assault and sex abuse by Pennsylvania State based US State actors that includes: 1. Luring victim through temporary work to an alleged workplace or related location for work. 2. Forced confinement/ abduction of the victim 3. Sex assault of victim 4. Physical assault of victim 5. Removal of cellular phone, laptop, vehicle from victim 6. Release of victim with stalking by the assailants to maintain control in public- done to cause professional harm and to maintain records of victim accessing their normal routine
 7. Forced travel with death threats 8. Perpetrators divulge information about corruption and damage to state infrastructure where Army Corps of Engineers attempt to intervene failed.
8. Destruction of victims' normal life and personal relationship