Tuesday, July 12, 2022

East Coast vs. Hawaii

For some reason, Hawaii really was pleasant from the insects. Even when I lived in a microclimate rainforest, I rarely got a single insect bite. 
Spiders (black widow & brown recluse), the enormous 2'-3' Millipedes checked me out, and eesh...the cockroaches and bed bugs that were more prevalent than any insect or arachnid. And though the rats were huge, they rarely invaded areas while people were present.

Yet here in the East Coast, the flies are annoying. Mosquitos and spider crickets bite daily, and there are plenty of poisonous plants. 

Sometimes I wonder why this is. Somehow aside from brain eating viruses, bacteria, or tropical parasites- Hawaii offers escape from the daily suburban pests. 

Wind, beach, ocean, sun, and evenings cool with aloha and love.