Saturday, July 09, 2022

Anti-Asian hate crimes reporting

It's intimidating to think about reporting hate crimes to the FBI or DOJ when the local police refuse to take report or complete a report. Personally, with FISA surveillance abuse already affecting my family since I was a kid;- I already know they have a "good ol boys" club to protect
 themselves from us "indigent ethnics."

Today, I was surprised to read Tom Wolf's 2021 quotation about the predominantly Caucasian police being racist murderers in his anti-AAPI hate crimes address.
I am used to hearing lip service from  Pennsylvania white supremacists. They put on a good public show while facilitating and covering up heinous crimes, and helping the racist norm take hold. 

There is a lack of respect from many Pennsylvanians:- from a tortuous Caucasian father married to an Asian national overseas to his friends, community, collegues, veterans association, church affiliations and many many others. It's a different type of torture when the community asks your own father to murder you, as I have experienced throughout my life in The USA. I am his prey, I am their prey since they left Vietnam and the likes of fantasizing about reenacting WW2 Anti-Asian patriotism.
I am a genXer. 
I was born to a Japanese foreign national mother in the USA.
I was brutalized before and After the Patriot Act as a form of overt persecution.
I never received one apology.
And I am still fighting for my life.
Hate crimes. Yes, I have been tortured by endless days and years of brutality and bullying. Psychological torture of having a parent who feared for her life. Psychological torture of the theat of being killed throughout childhood knowing that blackout beatings for being a 3 year old spy hung over my childhood. I was told the Family lawyer approved of this since I am a subhuman and Japan doesn't care. I knew what was confided in me, and brutalized for knowing. 
The DoJ still scoffs at the hate crimes I waited over 40years to report. Broken leg, abductions and assaults, 2 dead siblings, and a pack of local Pennsylvanians who felt they served their country by repeatedly destroying my employability, relationship, and even my Masters degree studies. Yes, me, a GenXer. And then I had some time to be left alone, out of state- while my mother a silent generation immigrant, stayed in the torturous relationship to "save face". And I left my happier life behind thinking I could help. Instead, I was pulled into the vortex of knowing one intelligence community perception. That of the "international torture victim" of the US and UK Intel agencies. So does that make what I experienced less of a hate crime? If this type of Intel targeting is done to many people from different nations and Americans? Or is it because we are women?  Is it a false flag?

I know that many things that occurred throughout my life were a direct result of announced hatred of Japanese. But now, I have to add a dimension of a menu of collective torturous acts being deployed in conjunction with the hatred.

And nothing, has made significant change for the better of my life for the duration.
Except barely surviving repeat attacks all the way into today.

When will I get to express my understanding of how horrendous these people are in court? Instead of being put on mute rather than sacrifice the little bit of standing I had. That is of course aside from the full firing squad that greeted me with weapons raised and pointed at me during a Trade summit I attended in Waikiki in 2011.

All lip service aside. Actions have made a lasting impact that I will always take "too seriously".