Friday, July 08, 2022

an ugly fight

In this fight, whatever it was at the beginning; my investigating cell towers on Oahu with a zoom lense on a camera-- it has evolved into a beast. Torture Documents and accounts of some arrived in my social media algorithms.

What I once thought of as community hatred and punishment simply for being Japanese-American child and mixed races- has unfolded into racketeering, non-consensual human testing, and a Bucks County, PA network of men and women who were involved in pedophilia and possibly other forms of human medical trafficking, and extortion.

Today, in am an adult healing from the extensive abuses and torture committed by several local officials (State Actors in international legal terms) of Bucks County, PA. And I have face the Jekyll and Hyde retaliation - including violent death threats, gangstalking by their friends and associates, gaslighting with scapegoating for their crimes, and career and financial decimation. 

I have done all I can without additional personal protection and support to complete the documentation. And while other activists judge me, they too are not supporting my continuation of this path with material, financial, or any resources.