Thursday, June 23, 2022

Writing about torture & social media

Alot of intellectually stimulating research, yet no fun to realize the vicious entrapment setup by US State Actors.

Here's a skeleton outline of the major issues:

1. Foreign laws generally send victims to prison, even if the victim wins in court.

2. Using social media to log daily attacks can be tried by the USA in a foreign nation such as Japan as defamation, even if the statements are TRUE!

3. Torture and specifically cybertorture reporting, and self reporting can expose relatives of "classified or top secret" families.

4. The documentation of a torture complaint under any treaty or wearing a domestic notarized affidavit incurs retaliation from local state actors to cyber related issues such as; autoword corrections and censorship bots or software.

5. The current approach, is detrimental since there is a lack of any victims' compensation worthy of disruption to a functional and independent life no matter how meager an existence. 

Tuesday, June 07, 2022

today summary

It's apparent to me that the Hospital is amping up RF/Microwave when they call.
It effects the cat so cat meows incessantly- much like today- before, and after the phone rings for several minutes.

Additionally, it seems possible that the EMS hospital workers or someone connected to them took out fake life insurance policies on me and my family members. There have been Cyberops using both Grandview and St.Lukes on the caller ID. Both are local hospitals in different areas.

The number of hate incidents increased since Feb. 25. By email, by vehicle, by mail, by breaking and entering, and continued electronic harassment (Fusion center? Style) most hours of the day. Also pulsed electromagnetic waves when I sleep, or a RF type beam that hits my head. Some are coordinated with both aircraft and a passing car. Some are from Van that stops on the street. Additional synthetic dreams have happened most nights since the RU-Ukraine invasion started. 

However I was able to remember one event in my life clearly as recall. My piano playing is mostly from muscle memory recently.

 These electronic harassment impacts my parents and the cat. Though things improved slightly and they can speak more than 1 minute before turning into angry violent mind control altar personalities.

I pray for the best. Yet am discouraged by the lack of independent resources and safety available to me. And the uptick in death threats from neighbor(s).

My affidavits are somewhat finished, but I need a new computer to finish. And fix and retrieve my old computer HDD information.

For international torture and cybertorture complaint against the United States of America.