Wednesday, May 18, 2022

update- hate incidents past week.

Last week, I was contacted about a new TI group Leader listing for Pennsylvania.
Nearly all of the contacts were inappropriate in one way or another for a coffee shop meetup. Yes, really difficult to believe -- I was blown away by the malicious emails.

I reported 2 of the contactees as Anti-Asian "hate incidents". One sent a link to videos, one where he? Was antagonizing an Asian-American family in a parking lot. I was not certain why someone would send this to me for a meetup, if it was from some hostile intent. And the video didn't show him parking his vehicle or how this situation escalated to show an upset and angry Asian mother.
Another unknown person I told not to contact me again wrote 3-4 more emails angry at me and asserting they know who I am. I am uncertain who they are.

Another contactee sent email with a link of how they got away with hate crime charges in court.

And 2 emails were in spam for being phishing type email. One saying they're a Florida TI. The other also sent to TJ.

2 phone calls- one person skipped the scheduled time.
One other phonecall that started off similar to the 1st reported hate incidents- using a condescending & judgemental tone about my meetup at a coffee shop.

The remainder had a similar condescending and judgemental tone about whether or not I'm qualified to have a meetup at a coffee shop. Needless to say, I am underwhelmed with the Pennsylvania readership of Targeted Justice right now.
And none of the people who contacted me indicated intention to attend the meetup in person.

All inside of One week.