Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Unregistered mission

The United States can be construed as violating unregistered missions of those related to Japanese foreign officials.

This also includes U.S. domestic family attorneys and other civil and criminal litigators who are biased against Japanese citizens and/or their American born children know as nisei.

These are considered violations of Security agreements. In addition to allegations of torture by family members. Whereas common US Police and security personnel conspire with other local officials and/or domestic USA attorneys to take assets from Japanese and related minor Japanese-Americans. That is with all consideration of the security classification and intentions previously stated by US State actor while in Japan.

These are serious threats to the Japan's sovereignty. And also detrimental actions by the USA towards a positive future. The actions were intentded to harm both the Japanese national and her Jus sanguis children. Even if the actions were intended to prevent the registration of a peaceable diplomatic mission to the USA.