Monday, May 09, 2022

The Feet, a last stop for nano-tech

Researching foot implants:
Here's what I am aware of and a link to my initial trial with the W-912

I was contaminated with bio-toxins in June of 2013. From 2014-2018 I detoxed and learned alot about these nano sized toxins and the interworkings in the human body.
Part of my knowledge is from my homeopath. Part of it is from personal research over 9 years and also using my own judgement to handle my situation.

1. The nano toxins are generally heavy. This means that they may circulate to the feet. First, they circulate through the body and can become lodged in other areas to cause tumors if they weaponize themselves with other toxic chemical molecules. Generally, I have not found cancer links to a singular biotoxin. But rather that these biotoxins bind to other molecules that they weaponize invarious ways. And the random circulation of particles will cause "symptoms" in the parts of the body where they are lodged. 

Generally, in the simple model;- the toxins circulate and create digestive and allergic reactions to chemicals and normal whole foods. When this happens, uric acid crystals may be created causing gout. Most people understand that gout symptoms are from uric acid crystals that circulate and stay in the feet. 
In my experience, the nano-tech chips behaved like gout.  So it's not actually gout, but many "foot" issues that include walking being an issue until one is bedridden. So the tough part is "dissolving" these nano chips by ways of digestive enzymes. However, since many people cannot afford electron microscopy sessions;- the nanotech or chip degredation generally is of an unknown substance. 

This means finding research studies on hydrogen peroxidase and it's 30-90day affects on highly toxic nano particles is only an indicator of graphene degredation.
Though enzymes are generally considered a way to help the body process out these foreign toxins. But there is a myriad of rarer foot issues that may be caused by the nanotech that are not gout. 

While decreasing the overall toxic load on the body is critical, the alkaline balance to offset the toxic impacts is also critical. And sadly, there have been human tests done in foreign nations, at hospitals, on patients for manmade plasma replacement. The product I know is amazing in this way. However it also is suspect in the "conspiracy" of human test subjects involving US researchers. 

The feet, store whatever's remaining. And it may be a blessing in disguise. Especially when comparing oneself to cases and victim stories of those who have gotten these toxic particles lodged in their brains.