Friday, May 13, 2022

imagine a world

Imagine a world where those who are related to prominent foreign officials are trafficked-- according to technical cutting edge international law.

Where they are born inside the USA to Asian foreign nationals who married US Military officers or State Actors. And their  entire lives are controlled by conspiring American officials and community members. Those US State actors who seek to make useful political statements to their constituents by torturing and killing these isolated foreigners and their American born children. And everyone from their former US State actor husband, the police, and everyone near them turns away-- including International humanitarian groups and Americans who view these foreigners as privledged people for being in the USA.
Where American civil liberties groups only add to the mockery of the international families of victims by upholding the controlled public and community narratives that fit their foreign policy agenda.

These are not known Federal Diplomatic Security (DS) agents who undergo training to protect foreign relations. These are self-appointed Americans who choose to act in affecting foreign policy and global politics and security by participating in targeted killings and torture. 

And today, Cybertorture. Cybertorture is a new class and category of torture. It includes the use of remote methods and advanced broadcast technologies to make their targets appear like "druggies" and "lowlifes" who are barely competent to send a proper letter or email. Who are kept locked out of normal employment and family communication. Whose identities are stolen by perpetrators to soil their reputation or cause upset in a circle of peers. And worst of all, the unseen use of microwave-like sonic waves that can debilitate and disable them for days, weeks, months, and sometimes permanently. 

This is different that what is formerly known as Havana syndrome, and far more sinister. The Cyber environment changed drastically in 2020. And there are decades of non-consensual human experimentation that occured. Victims today include average Americans. And the public isn't happy with the inclusion meant only for their political adversaries no matter how young or old.