Sunday, May 08, 2022

Air, shall we eat reconstructed plein air?

Fibrin. Have you heard of it? Does it make you think of food or protein? There are lots of things that are studied in animal experiments linked to fibrin and it's growth, control, and manipulation for transhuman agenda. And it may already be in the supply chain for consumption.
1. Blood clots 
2. Morgellons
3. Hydra
4. Nano particles such as self assembling Graphene
5. Minerals (Macro to micro)

And the list goes on. Today, there are many ways to grow and innundate the human body aka wetware with bio-nano tech. People across the world are finding this out quickly.  
So while these fibrin experiments were seemingly harmless to human society-- despite the animal fibrin wound research setbacks from new Lazer and RF weapons.

 Ionic structures and interactions have mostly been contained to controlled labs, and environments (controlled by Gangstalkers). Human testing, while illegal in parts of the USA was sought out on patients in Japan's hospitals and other places where US scientists could test their products. But the public is hardly up to speed. 

While articles on about fibrin based aero protein sound like an allusion to long-term bio-engineering studies for sustainable food-- It's really masking a class of potential new bio-warfare. To fully trust science and regulatory bodies and every link in the supply chain to formulate fibrin based protein as a "food made from air".

Are you ready?