Saturday, May 28, 2022

6years of my research..

I summed it up with a tweet or two. 6 years of reading law, research papers, and patents. While working on an international complaint. 
Below are Links to my tweets: @imperialnewsJ and backup account @tipublicinteres
I found that latency rates and wave guides are missing in signals research and patents.

It indicates that the researchers are unable to take measurements.

The exception is in implants or signals related patents by researchers at the largest defense contractors.

 Other patents indicate different researchers’ attempts to build the measurement devices after the initial patents are made.

This is a serious ethical concern. arose out of the loss of my name subdomain I've had for a long time (near 20years). I was given a "free' subdomain for the past year. And used the for some of my writing. 

Thursday, May 19, 2022

more hate incidents?

Yesterday reported one more hate incident. And had a new hate incident in the past 30min. The same tall, plain white van stalking the house and ringing the phone while being out front. It showed as " St. Luke's" yet did not say St. Luke's Hospital or specify if a church nearby or some other St. Luke's @2:35/2:36 PM that only rang one time. Noone picked up the phone. 

This morning I was hit heavy with cyber issues, unable to respond to a friend, also I was hit with Ambient backscatter and v2k that made me unable to play piano.
And while I was alone, someone had slammed the outside door open and shut 3-4x until I checked on it and found several doors open.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

update- hate incidents past week.

Last week, I was contacted about a new TI group Leader listing for Pennsylvania.
Nearly all of the contacts were inappropriate in one way or another for a coffee shop meetup. Yes, really difficult to believe -- I was blown away by the malicious emails.

I reported 2 of the contactees as Anti-Asian "hate incidents". One sent a link to videos, one where he? Was antagonizing an Asian-American family in a parking lot. I was not certain why someone would send this to me for a meetup, if it was from some hostile intent. And the video didn't show him parking his vehicle or how this situation escalated to show an upset and angry Asian mother.
Another unknown person I told not to contact me again wrote 3-4 more emails angry at me and asserting they know who I am. I am uncertain who they are.

Another contactee sent email with a link of how they got away with hate crime charges in court.

And 2 emails were in spam for being phishing type email. One saying they're a Florida TI. The other also sent to TJ.

2 phone calls- one person skipped the scheduled time.
One other phonecall that started off similar to the 1st reported hate incidents- using a condescending & judgemental tone about my meetup at a coffee shop.

The remainder had a similar condescending and judgemental tone about whether or not I'm qualified to have a meetup at a coffee shop. Needless to say, I am underwhelmed with the Pennsylvania readership of Targeted Justice right now.
And none of the people who contacted me indicated intention to attend the meetup in person.

All inside of One week.

Friday, May 13, 2022

imagine a world

Imagine a world where those who are related to prominent foreign officials are trafficked-- according to technical cutting edge international law.

Where they are born inside the USA to Asian foreign nationals who married US Military officers or State Actors. And their  entire lives are controlled by conspiring American officials and community members. Those US State actors who seek to make useful political statements to their constituents by torturing and killing these isolated foreigners and their American born children. And everyone from their former US State actor husband, the police, and everyone near them turns away-- including International humanitarian groups and Americans who view these foreigners as privledged people for being in the USA.
Where American civil liberties groups only add to the mockery of the international families of victims by upholding the controlled public and community narratives that fit their foreign policy agenda.

These are not known Federal Diplomatic Security (DS) agents who undergo training to protect foreign relations. These are self-appointed Americans who choose to act in affecting foreign policy and global politics and security by participating in targeted killings and torture. 

And today, Cybertorture. Cybertorture is a new class and category of torture. It includes the use of remote methods and advanced broadcast technologies to make their targets appear like "druggies" and "lowlifes" who are barely competent to send a proper letter or email. Who are kept locked out of normal employment and family communication. Whose identities are stolen by perpetrators to soil their reputation or cause upset in a circle of peers. And worst of all, the unseen use of microwave-like sonic waves that can debilitate and disable them for days, weeks, months, and sometimes permanently. 

This is different that what is formerly known as Havana syndrome, and far more sinister. The Cyber environment changed drastically in 2020. And there are decades of non-consensual human experimentation that occured. Victims today include average Americans. And the public isn't happy with the inclusion meant only for their political adversaries no matter how young or old.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Unregistered mission

The United States can be construed as violating unregistered missions of those related to Japanese foreign officials.

This also includes U.S. domestic family attorneys and other civil and criminal litigators who are biased against Japanese citizens and/or their American born children know as nisei.

These are considered violations of Security agreements. In addition to allegations of torture by family members. Whereas common US Police and security personnel conspire with other local officials and/or domestic USA attorneys to take assets from Japanese and related minor Japanese-Americans. That is with all consideration of the security classification and intentions previously stated by US State actor while in Japan.

These are serious threats to the Japan's sovereignty. And also detrimental actions by the USA towards a positive future. The actions were intentded to harm both the Japanese national and her Jus sanguis children. Even if the actions were intended to prevent the registration of a peaceable diplomatic mission to the USA.

Monday, May 09, 2022

The Feet, a last stop for nano-tech

Researching foot implants:
Here's what I am aware of and a link to my initial trial with the W-912

I was contaminated with bio-toxins in June of 2013. From 2014-2018 I detoxed and learned alot about these nano sized toxins and the interworkings in the human body.
Part of my knowledge is from my homeopath. Part of it is from personal research over 9 years and also using my own judgement to handle my situation.

1. The nano toxins are generally heavy. This means that they may circulate to the feet. First, they circulate through the body and can become lodged in other areas to cause tumors if they weaponize themselves with other toxic chemical molecules. Generally, I have not found cancer links to a singular biotoxin. But rather that these biotoxins bind to other molecules that they weaponize invarious ways. And the random circulation of particles will cause "symptoms" in the parts of the body where they are lodged. 

Generally, in the simple model;- the toxins circulate and create digestive and allergic reactions to chemicals and normal whole foods. When this happens, uric acid crystals may be created causing gout. Most people understand that gout symptoms are from uric acid crystals that circulate and stay in the feet. 
In my experience, the nano-tech chips behaved like gout.  So it's not actually gout, but many "foot" issues that include walking being an issue until one is bedridden. So the tough part is "dissolving" these nano chips by ways of digestive enzymes. However, since many people cannot afford electron microscopy sessions;- the nanotech or chip degredation generally is of an unknown substance. 

This means finding research studies on hydrogen peroxidase and it's 30-90day affects on highly toxic nano particles is only an indicator of graphene degredation.
Though enzymes are generally considered a way to help the body process out these foreign toxins. But there is a myriad of rarer foot issues that may be caused by the nanotech that are not gout. 

While decreasing the overall toxic load on the body is critical, the alkaline balance to offset the toxic impacts is also critical. And sadly, there have been human tests done in foreign nations, at hospitals, on patients for manmade plasma replacement. The product I know is amazing in this way. However it also is suspect in the "conspiracy" of human test subjects involving US researchers. 

The feet, store whatever's remaining. And it may be a blessing in disguise. Especially when comparing oneself to cases and victim stories of those who have gotten these toxic particles lodged in their brains.

Sunday, May 08, 2022

Air, shall we eat reconstructed plein air?

Fibrin. Have you heard of it? Does it make you think of food or protein? There are lots of things that are studied in animal experiments linked to fibrin and it's growth, control, and manipulation for transhuman agenda. And it may already be in the supply chain for consumption.
1. Blood clots 
2. Morgellons
3. Hydra
4. Nano particles such as self assembling Graphene
5. Minerals (Macro to micro)

And the list goes on. Today, there are many ways to grow and innundate the human body aka wetware with bio-nano tech. People across the world are finding this out quickly.  
So while these fibrin experiments were seemingly harmless to human society-- despite the animal fibrin wound research setbacks from new Lazer and RF weapons.

 Ionic structures and interactions have mostly been contained to controlled labs, and environments (controlled by Gangstalkers). Human testing, while illegal in parts of the USA was sought out on patients in Japan's hospitals and other places where US scientists could test their products. But the public is hardly up to speed. 

While articles on about fibrin based aero protein sound like an allusion to long-term bio-engineering studies for sustainable food-- It's really masking a class of potential new bio-warfare. To fully trust science and regulatory bodies and every link in the supply chain to formulate fibrin based protein as a "food made from air".

Are you ready?

Friday, May 06, 2022

today again

The United States continues to harbor patriots who view Japan and Japanese people of Japanese des ent, including Issei, nisei, haafu, mixed race fundamentally as enemies of the United States. I have found little support from any civil or human rights organization within the United States. However, due to the heavy persecution- I have taken refuge under the animal rights and environmental movements and organizations where there was a little more consideration for my humanity.

Some of these individuals are human rights and civil rights leaders. And, they gain large support by inserting this preferential hatred that resonates across all US majority and minority groups- except some newer Asians. It seems that some Japanese-Americans who are sansei or yonsei also take sides with this majority of Americans as a general sentiment.

Wednesday, May 04, 2022


It's like I got of the plane to ghostland.
My life and love all ended.
All of my plans forbidden.
Even to breath once again.

I saw the ghosts of my memories.
God gave me that much for one year.
I met everyone intended. 
After travelling so long.

My plans for myself demolished 
I took cover, for concerns of safety.
Cities closed and burning on fire.
I met one friend...

In a surreal scene.
We stood, at the gates to a city
That ran the world, shut down.
Holding hands.

On an empty city street.
Once so busy, 
feet blurred.
And even a dinner party was scarce

And I returned to my room
Sealed the door with plastic.
The cat trying to break through
Uncertain how real 

Death would become.
And one year passed.
I pretended to hibernate
Like a bear.

So Cold 🥶 it's not Hawaii here
And I took a job, any work I could 
Get by the fall.
My own fall, with a goal to meet

To get a pair of snow tires.
A simple goal I thought.
Make it and move on if things
Are threatening.

It took too many months
To make that simple goal
 it was accomplished 
As things quickly worsened

So I walked away.
Sparing my life.
But it was too late.
The sick coworker

And the spitting people
Got me sick for several months.
I had donated blood a week before their sickness.
And it was screened as fine.

And after I could wake again
After my feet hurt
And my body shut down
I donated blood by year's end

And it was screened 
With a bad result 
After 30years of donations
I received a letter 

I'm only permitted to donate to myself
A false positive or antibodies
Showed for Hepatitis B
The letter was for 2022

And 4 more months passed.
I cleaned the house
And slept
I managed to write one song

And some lyrics 
I hope to put to music
I busied myself with
My usual lip trills and karaoke bar
Warm ups I used for talking loudly over 

Though I'm quiet 🤫
The loud partying.
For a decade in the 808
Offset my prayer and meditation

Yesterday, I had time 
To touch the piano upstairs
And frustrated with so many
Masterpieces I have incomplete

My brain my fingers my body
My entire being...
Yet I am here.
No longer embody 

The most difficult virtuoso
Piano sonatas and accompaniments
Liszt, Piazzola, leviev, Beethoven, Kabalevsky
Or sing Phantom or Broadway 

My voice can hit pitches
Over 3octaves for warmup
Yet my singing mix is
Mixed up with shouting

At different pitches
Dry thin 
Obnoxious loud
No vibrato- yes I know some exercises

10years of loud yelling
My voice is not of a singer
I decided somehow 16k to 
Sing lessons would have been worth it

And my youth, as an artist
Pianist mostly
Is all gone.

And I wonder about love
After so many decades 
Of transient people
While I stayed in

The same place.
My room
Is quiet.
It is not a good life

And then I look to Twitter
And read how many people
Are dying, 
I cried yesterday

Celine cancelled concerts
And I hope that 
My favorite artists survive
Looking for hope

I feel I saw the end
That day, staring at the quiet
Big Apple
Like we were the last two people

On earth.

Tuesday, May 03, 2022


Every day has been "the easy day" in one boring sense of having nowhere to go and time for my brain and heart to understand 
decades of trauma.
Every day, something different seems to surface at the forefront of my concious mind. Another linked up and understood trauma I survived, the behaviors of those surrounding .e during those "unsafe" times.

For a decade, my mantras included the words "safety and security", repeated by the first life coach I hired after college graduation to exit a low paid yet highly visible faculty experience I took on. And like most naieve college grads, was unaware that the sheer racism and microagressions from "bosses" colleagues and clients would drive me away from my career post 9/11. So, they have an excuse for their behaviors. While my life is irrevocably destroyed.

Today was no different from other pandemic days-- I woke with tears streaming from my closed eyes. Sadness that I left the supportive and positive Hawaii community. I think about my time, wasted for the past 6 years especially-- delving into the why and exact legalities of USA criminality, torture, and abuse that is a rampant social construct. While my life is transparent, and worthless to these horrible MSM reporters while they glean the language of posing as a victim and use their funds to be the more capable leader. Yet they turn around and call victims losers to their faces, as a display of their narcissistic personality. Is there a way to circumvent the toxic energy?
That is after all what leadership is, it's about who has the money and resources to do things to help their following live. 

So, how can cyber attacked victims become leaders? I think about this question frequently. Where will more resources come from? This is quite different than targeted environmental and animal rights campaigns. Yet it is easier in many ways to be an environmentalist or fight for animal liberation. The public stature, is simply about being compassionate to animals and the environment. And to largely forget impressing other people in outlandish ways. For me, it's been a long day already. And my only solution is to tell people who are hurting to go out and volunteer to save or help animals and/or the environment.

Strange. My tears are about how much everyone is hurting. And we need some way to fix the planet. 

Transparency today... That's on my mind.

Monday, May 02, 2022

Anti-Asian issues

It seems someone took my mom's van. I went outside and around the house, it's nowhere. 
But the police and my father don't allow me to report anything.
I'm uncertain what is going on since I leave them alone and had meetings yesterday.
But there was also dried bbq sauce all over 1.5feet and dried on the floor...noone said a word what happened. I cleaned it with some work, but had been in a zoom meeting ...and had a break around 6pm.
So this was after the break.