Wednesday, April 20, 2022

USA's targeting of relatives to foreign officials

Over the past half decade, the turbulence in my life has become very clearly linked to USA intelligence efforts.

While the locals and daily normies find it amusing and find ways to dismiss their involvement in real politics;- my reality is very political and very real. And it doesn't mean that the Japanese stork found me born in outer space and brought me to the USA devoid of having Japanese family and relatives, including my silenced and shamed Issei mother. Just ask the SBA or Rep. Fitzpatrick's office for clarification on their trafficking stance.

The local yokel government officials and feds really do intend the rash of insults, even on an interpersonal level. They intend to try and force me into their trafficking networks, including US Military. And they have for decades to access the shipping lines only a select few relatives I have could manipulate. 
As a result, I live under constant yearly, quarterly, and monthly threats and unwelcome monitoring using a variety of non-consensual signals.
Today, I put my Bluetooth devices in an old microwave. And am innundated with outside frequency attacks and cyber ops to decomission my life in this body. 

So, I hope to finish my international communication against the USA. I understand that nearly 50years of being subject to persecution, cruel and unusual punishment, and state torture by the USA is too much. And I'm failing myself due to the "doubling up" of current attacks as retaliation for documenting decades old attacks on me and my deceased and disabled family members. The USA didn't want a biological line of people to survive my Japanese issei mother. And so, in international forms of torture- I must consider that the USA allowed her to give birth to me, to possibly torture her and affect my foreign official relatives. So in essence, I was and am a human born for slaughter. And that is a crime against humanity by the USA.
As my USAF w6 (OSI) veteran father used to say to me as a young child "Try to find somebody who loves you."  And today those words make sense against a backdrop of the definitions of torture.