Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Transhuman Activism conflicts

Imagine having a silent yet forced conversation. Having your mind invaded and your thoughts commented on as you think. And your entire day passes while your brain is monitored remotely through a non-consensual project. This type of signals monitoring is permitted under the 1986 DoD 5240.1R surveillance manual used by all US military and intelligence branches, including drone reconnaissance on the US Public and probably for SOCOM open source intelligence:- and they were permitted to slander, defame, permanently harm, and kill their surveillance subjects-- whether consenting or non-consenting.

Many non-consenting people are speaking up about the abstract and unseen forces they experience. In some sense it's a type of Transhuman folklore. 

Some activists have proof of blood analysis, something at least. While others are tracking down IP addresses and aerial surveillance monitoring. While all of us were told my USA national security whistle blowers that this is a very real phenomena.
And while the NSA whistleblowers public outreach can help identify the source of daily issues:- working class professionals are grossly undereducated and Ill equipped to acknowledge the technologies and/or confirm their use.  Ill equipped no longer means a microscopist needs a stronger microscope. It means, they need additional personal security measures to keep their practices viable.

Many activists have some type of commonality that falls under FISA abuse and Patriot Act- a parent who worked on Satellites, a parent in US intelligence or military intelligence, others who have extended family working for Blue Chip defense companies, and foreigners and their US born children.

 Some activists show up to meetings are hypochondriacs scripting their activist personality. And some are simply sci-fi or transhuman science researchers banking a buck off to write articles and scripts from whatever technology has focus from Targeted individual activists.

It's a sickening money pit to test the public use of inconclusive forensics to be used in cases that may get thrown out by a judge- or shuffled and misplaced paperwork at certain courthouses. The frustration of real victims has been shared. And the stories are shared with the hope that maybe someone will have a better chance than those who failed at having their court case or complaint addressed.

Activist meetings are a compilation of hundreds of hours reading and researching technologies and their parameters. And presenting "of interest" technology to rule out the least plausible methods used.
How many years and how many activists does it take? 
And when an organization emerges;- they fundraise from all of these unpaid hours of activist knowledge and work tweeted and posted on sites. So long-term activists get angry with the paid government whistleblowers and things fall apart. Narcissists named organizations they create after themselves yet decline the rulebook of participation that unpaid activists abide by for show of face.

It's a topsy turvy Lord of the Flies.
And the only concrete results are laws passed that most certainly protect researchers from a reverse mob attack.