Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Targeted attacks updates

In 2021, I was targeted heavily
1. Summer 2021-  My vehicle sat in the driveway most days.PA state cancelled my license plate and insurance for no particular reason and without warning. I got a $0.00 insurance bill that alerted me to the problem. Had to borrow cash to replace the UN nexpired dead tag at a notary. The notary confirmed that the tag (license plate and registration) had not expired but someone at the State access level cancelled it. And I was billed for a new tag and a new registration. I mailed in the dead tag, but never heard a response from the State.
2. A BBB designated "legitimate" tax collector sent letters to me demanding payment of local taxes. And, I sent payment to them before the end of 2021. Yesterday I received a State notice saying they never received any tax payments from me. Yet took $35 for my 2021 tax refund as an adjusted payment. 
So despite paying the Keystone tax collector:- to date in 2022- Pennsylvania has not received any of the money.
3. I received another letter a week ago from another Pennsylvania office with another keystone logo but from a PO Box in Sacremento, California address. It says someone stole my Identity and to contact them with my personal information to use their websites as credit monitoring.
I posted a pic of the letter on Facebook and was told it is a scam.
4. I was contaminated with something that nearly killed me in 2021. I had been very sick, lethargic, and unable to move after eating and my last 2021 blood donation confirmed some issue that may only be elevated D-dimer levels. They suggested I have HepB.antibodies yet it is inconclusive.
It is highly likely a CDC monitored individual contaminated me by April 2021 at my last part-time workplace.