Wednesday, April 13, 2022

review of the W-912

A couple weeks ago I received the newsletter. It said some TIs are using a W-912 accupressure massage pen to find implants. I am unable to use the device above setting 3 currently.

 I ordered one on eBay from this eBay seller: jiyuus8.
 It arrived quickly on April 7th, several days ago. I gave a live review at the Sunday TI Talk meeting on April 10 hosted by UK's TI Talk Host @RoyEacups (on Twitter).

Here's the Tens unit use of the "Meridian Energy Pen User Manual"-- text from the Wochuan Acupointer user manual page 4: 
 My review and the products below are from my personal daily use and unsponsored. Since a few things are different today and I seem to be retaining the electric charge from the device I'm updating:
1. This device runs on one AA battery. -- I dislike batteries so I had to purchase some.

2. It needs gel, oil, or lotion to prevent stinging electric arc on the skin. It came with 2 travel sizes containers of a mostly evaporated blue gel that I chose not to use.
The pen I purchased has a one ball and one flat attachment head to make contact with gel/oil/lotion covered skin.

  I used my silicon free Maui Moisture Body Care Body Gelee (Aloe gel plus papaya and mango butter) and MCT oil --aka fractionated coconut oil. I had better results with the MCT Coconut oil on my face. 

3. The pen comes with a detailed booklet covering multiple styles of use for the pen. Yet all with the same basic method of turning it on to make contact with the skin.
My background is in cleansing spiritual toxins from skull points and other spiritual drainage points with photonic energy I generate naturally and sometimes amplify with a scalar pendant.  This pen device includes basic diagrams of Wochuan energy meridian points. It also explains muscle spasms from trigger points to use it as a TENS unit.
      I took the TENS instructions to be an explanation for the muscle spasms others experiences and attributed to "finding implants".
     Further online research with TENS and implants reveals that actual implants should be kept appx 8 inches away from TENS units. A TENS unit can scramble chips or move the implant to cause issues.

1. After a setting of 3, I became a noticable complete circuit (see yellow box pic from pg. 2 of the User Manual below )holding the metallic-looking plastic pen while pressing it on my skin. There is a noticeable and uncomfortable electric current that runs through the handle into the hand holding the device. This device goes to setting 0 to setting 9. I can only use it to level 3, but can hold it in one hand and no contact point to level 9. I have been unable to use it as Targeted Justice suggested.

2. This afternoon- After a few days of light use and a morning touch on my face:-- my body retained the rhythm of the electric pulse from the pen and also is sensitive when I touch metal objects. So I noticed I  discharge some of the electric current while using an all metal pot at the stove several times. And touching other objects. I am concerned about my interactions with electronics.

3. I used the device on my hands and wrists first, then my face, then shoulders, and outer earlobes, then knees and ankles.
      1. Notices areas that felt bruised under my skin with first use. Those places were on my left palm., And my forehead.  
      2. Found a point next to a mole on my shoulder that makes my shoulder blade jump vertically at level one (1) setting. I found the same point for the other shoulder blade.
      3. I feel more sensitive to RF or 5g when I drove into town. My forehead felt tension return as I approached a public library where there is also a power plant and railroad intersecting. 

The device is somewhat imprecise.  The unexpected electricity from holding the pen is my main concern. And that I feel extra electricity tingling through parts of my body and some soreness (like an invisible bruise) where I touched the device to my skin for TENS muscle bouncing.

I cannot confirm that I found any implants using this W-912 electric stimulation pen.
However, I did use the device on suspected implant areas levels 1-3. It resulted in louder clicking noises- at a spot on my skull, base of skull drainage, and outer edge of earlobes. There was no louder clicking sound at other points. I tried this several times and it did not seem to be a noise associated with electrical arcing. 
Additionally, I used level 3 at my earlobe and it caused some "earlobe" jumping though I was not wearing any earrings or jewelry.

I feel I already used it plenty in the 6 days I have had it. I have other ultrasonic devices and face massage pens collection no longer in use, and returned my scalar pendants once used to bless objects and to do spiritual energy work with photonic energy.