Wednesday, April 20, 2022

re: USA, I'm Over it.

By Angela M. Kikuchi Kneale

The Americans I have met throughout my life, are proud of being racists, pedophiles, human traffickers, child abusers, drug traffickers, gun runners, pimps, hustlers, and unpunished organized crime. They take delight in their successes and threaten lawsuits of slander throughout the course of their conspiracies and actions.

Their behavior is converse to the strict actual guidelines of having an international family members of Japan and the USA being able and unthreatened in keeping travel and family communications intact. 
I strongly believe that what the Americans have done to me and to my immediate family members throughout my life is a form of torture. 

Since 2016-2017, I became aware of a loosely organized civil rights movement of "targeted individuals". The documents that are requested are very time consuming, and emotionally, psychologically, financially, and socially draining. These documents are to gather information about a "torture" program conducted by the CIA and a long list of USA state actors. 
In many cases, other Americans are apt to attack those who identify as victims of CIA targeting as a form of collective democratic retaliation to coverup state run torture.

Most of the Americans, disregard their laws as a form of social participation and trust. Financially, their actions are beneficial and these state actors live near flawless lives, with and without court battles or accidents.
Their favorite targets are citizens from foreign nations and their immediate family members. Obviously the wealthiest foreign nations are China and Japan. Families who retain connections to their homeland nations are targeted as sources of income for the US social elite- attorneys, local politicians, police, CIA, false flags, and "patsies" or martyrs groomed and stalked as scapegoats. It is an effective a form of hostage taking and torture where all international sensitivity is overlooked. The questionfinancial damages alone constitute terroristic threats to human rights  The religious persecution goes far beyond the tolerances of what has been publically disapproved of at Guantanamo Bay-- the infamous U.S. torture prison.
 However in local US laws that have a 10year statute of limitations , it might qualify as racketeering- or RICO Act Violations-- which include murder and influencing foreign officials.

This is the beginning of understanding how early RICO Act 1970, FisA 1978, and other Alien & Tort statues including Hostage taking, USCA 50, US Constitution Amendments (ie., 1,2,6,8) involving Due Process, were overlooked or violated. Enabled further byand DoD 5240.1R (08/1986) surveillance manual used widely by US Intel and branches of the armed forces and CIA laws and procedures that allowed for microwave signals, exotic signals, slander of the surveillance subjects, degredation of life, and non-consensual human experimentation of adults and children. It evolved into Patriot Act, Freedom Act, and the domestic US Citizen focused "Targeted Individual" program that widely includes US Open source intelligence, across the planet. These programs are linked congruently with US intelligence offices, Kindle, and Amazon locations. And there is little to no opposition of these outright violations of human rights in any international court against the United States of America. 

It's as if every American Government official, employee, defense contractors and employees since is laughing at those of us who are pushed out of their culture. Yet this movement was brought to light by the same perpetrators of the human rights violations since at least the 1960s. It only became a problem when the slippery slope reached the wallets of the government officials who started the gradation of the slippery slope. And now that it does involve many more Americans, those of us who have foreign concerns and are 1st generation Americans are being pushed out of the way and silenced from within this "global civil rights" movement. And no, not a single one of these Government whistleblowers and their popular following will allow any 1st generation American to lead. At least not for very long without gaining refined human behavioral test data of the torture back to the CIA researchers.

And the research involved in my case detracts from the quality of my life and health by an upcoming 5th decade. This is an outrage for me to understand so in depth.