Friday, April 22, 2022

patent yourself as wetware?

*this is for entertainment purposes only, and it is not legal advice.*"
God's IP has implications over human society that invalidate many human laws. 
Such as-- if God created all creatures and humans and the earth, then God owns the IP for everything these creatures, humans, and the earth does. Even deviations by companies who claim IP over another being for their interaction with that individual, is God's IP.

How many parents have I read in the past 7years? Quite a few. And the possibilities that diagrams and figures obscure information is enormous. But one thing many people want to do, is to jam signals that are interfering with their daily life thinking and activities. And there is a very narrow window to obtain and use jamming devices outside of government approved applications.

Can we patent ourselves as wetware with a self signal jammer methodology. What?! 
I dislike any transhuman terminology and application to my god given nature. Why would I want to patent myself? Stop being ridiculous. -- pay the man.

Would that make each one of us an "illegal" jammer?  
A. No. Not yet. To jam an outgoing signal to protect IP is not illegal.

What about modern jabs/shots that may contain signals and nano OS? They are not part of my patent, so how does this affect the self-jammer methodology?
A. Please consult with a civil rights organization focused on Targeted Individuals.

Is it illegal for us to receive data packet transmissions?
A. Yes and maybe. There is no way to screen data packet transmissions, video, and sounds in the current world climate. Those types of screening are only available to controlled research settings.
 For any system to send a signal to the Brain, fluids, or implant means that bone conduction techniques, cellular recognition, light based signals transfer methods may be cybertactics meant to harm civilian infrastructure.

Prometheus judgement established parameters to patent "natural" life and DNA. Do I need to create my own cDNA to patent myself? 
A. Probably. IP issues are evolving as Neuro rights issues. Currently the majority of people and legal practitioners are unfamiliar with these issues, while corporations that use the language of these laws daily have included ownership of personal IP irregardless of prior unaffected DNA by THEIR patented cRNA.
Please consult a civil rights organization focused on Targeted individuals and Neuro rights.