Sunday, April 24, 2022

my personal protocol

By Angela M. Kikuchi Kneale
Below is a general outline that I share in my personal recovery from biotoxins story. They were steps I took as an individual to find a solution, and even the involvement of doctors and homeopaths and nutritionists were part of my protocol. However, I am a lifelong non-consensual human test subject of the USA-- Despite being informed about what the USA intended for my life from a young age where I understood adult English speech.

My foreign, Japanese national mother was exposed to Nuclear radiation and fallout post-abombing of Japan. As well as, US biological warfare on Japanese civilians that included contaminated paper money, DDT, and other chemicals intended to cripple Japan's population. Some of my health issues are linked to the US nuclear and biological weapons testing on Japanese post Abombs. 

My protocol for self use:
These items were what I done in various order and repeated:
1. Digestive enzymes
2. Finding toxins in blood
3. Microscopy - 
     Live Blood
     Dried Blood - electron - rental possible at some public universities
4. Reduce Parts Per Million in body
Background:  Some nano-particles are made of toxic and non-biodegradable polymers that were required to be removed from the bodies of animals in animal tests. The government or organizations and companies that put these toxins in my body (see DoD 5240.1R 1986) should have been required to remove them within a 14-30day time frame. The following services were not prescribed or referred out to me. I sought to remove the toxic particles the only way available to me, by live blood donation.
    Live blood donation - easily accessible
         Autologous -- means donate blood for yourself use only.
    Plasma donation 

    New blood cells are produced within 3-4days. Also I targeted rebuilding of new cells under cellular level supervision- aka bioengineering or body building.

5.  Clean intestinal folds
     Colonics series- initially done at onset of my symptoms, within the 1st month.
         maintenance after colonic
     Daily drink of natural ionic toxin binders:
          Chlorella / Chlorophyllins
          Activated Charcoal
6.  Hospital- allergy and chemical sensitivity testing
             basic allergy panel test
             blood test- spin blood /plasma
             Single chemical sensitivity tests

 7. * Caution* some macro minerals are known to assist fibrin self assembly when nano-tech issues are involved.  Large quantities of Calcium, Iodine, Potassium, etc are commonly found in pescatarian and  lavto-ovo vegetarian diets and sport performance nutrition. This was not true in my case as a vegan. But, additional food/digestion complications arose from toxins involved in my circulatory system and my consumption of carbs had to cease completely at the onset of nutritional intervention. Unexpected adverse reactions to food, coatings, chemicals, pesticides, and and other PPM of airborne particles MAY arise until the toxins PPM are sufficiently reduced. I was subsequently recontaminated several times in 3 years. And had to repeat this fasting period with a special diet. This is much different than switching to a vegan starch based diet.

  8.  Maintain alkaline balance to manage remaining toxic particles and biotoxins with appropriate whole foods.
     No citrus allergy so I could eat a whole organic lemon after fasting period.
   No nuts allergies so I could consume high quality raw nuts for a staple meal.
     See Alkaline foods lists by Edgar Cayce, keep in mind macro minerals.