Friday, April 15, 2022

mRNA vs cDNA convo

As an animal rights and human rights activist, I think all Genetic definitions should have prominent legal judgements and cases attached where applicable.

Over the past decade, I've read dozens of articles, patents, and research papers about DNA, chimera vs. hybrid animals and/or cells, Prometheus case and relevant judgements (see Areal links), and IP  for animal and human rights. That is in small comparison to the hundreds of works on transhuman and nano tech that I've researched to share a minute portion at activist meetings. Yet, the news is still teaching the public about mRNA while cRNA is the patentable form of RNA.

See this Supreme Court ruling about how cRNA is patentable -- and covers mRNA.

Here's a link to the textbook (government) definition of mRNA devoid of legalities.  See attached screenshot if you don't want to click on it.
m is for messenger in mRNA--  basically a cut out part (isolated) of DNA/RNA code(signals) from some natural life form. It is messenger RNA because the cut out signals from the 🧬 become a set of instructions sent to other living cells in the same type of living being or a different one.

Take this Rough said "hybrid" creature example: how researchers inject human DNA into mouse or bat brains to make the animals smarter. 
1. Is it cRNA or is it natural mRNA injected?
2. What classification does the next generation of animals born to these "hybrids" get? Chimera or Hybrid? Is the next generation a patentable lifeform? Who owns their IP?

While I've studied some hybrid and chimera examples to understand the diff. between what researchers can and cannot patent out of the natural world. The lines around IP (intellectual property) with and without hybrid brain cells or transhuman technology are also challenged in a similar fashion to the well known Prometheus case. This complex issue is intertwined with other issues concerning non-consensual human testing-- and a deeper personal concern over mRNA and cRNA signals distributed in the supply chain and released in living beings of all life forms through nano-spheres, nano-beads, and polymers. 

 It's actually a critical issue for my concern for animals and human rights. And a much more complex focus that I rarely get to discuss with others.